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I hurt my shoulder as a kid so I had to switch to graphite shafts is 1997.  I was fitted for i3's.  I got the 1 thru w set. I love them.  This year I just was fitted for G15's.  The fitting experience is really cool.  Since these are my first new clubs and I am a little crazy I got fitted at Golf Galaxy then got a local pro to check the fitting out on the range.  The fitting at Golf Galaxy was really cool.  The teaching pro fitted me for about an hour.  I would really...
They do have your BBQ.  Here is the link:  http://www.blackhogbbq.com/ I do like Little Bennett.  I always play it once or twice a year.  It is one of my favorites. 
I live in Maryland.  I love Musket Ridge.  I think it is one of the top courses in the state.  Worthington Manor is a course that holds a lot of US open qualifiers.  It is another course I like.  Maryland National is a step below them but is a good course.  It has one hole that they kind of wedged in, but it is always in good shape.  I don't care for the PB Dye course.  Its a tricked up course.  Lots of railroad ties and blind shots.  It is hit or miss for conditions.  I...
I love Hampton Hall. It's great. I think the Dafuski courses are fantastic. Hilton Head National is a Player design that is excellent. I would recommend any these courses for you. I like the Mellow Mushroom for pizza and Stacks for breakfast. Have fun.
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