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Certain spots fix face. It depends on the object of the lesson. I don't see the face to path acting in a 1:1 ratio just because the impact AoA has on creating the path.
A pivot issue possibly. Just saying that from long absence. Post a video thanks
Neck tilts forward for cut and back for draws. Is this one of the most over looked parts of instruction? Regardless what techniques do you guys all use to change this on your players. 
Id look at travel to the met section
Powerchalk is a good one. Not sure if it cost money or not.
For everyone discuss the rule as close as possible to the last shot. I have attended multiple USGA rules seminars and surprise this always comes up. Everyone conducting the seminar stated its mainly to protect players that walked away from the shot. Also they don't want a player dropping it in their own divot. I know the divot is actually in front of the ball but let's not get into this. What they also said was a couple inches to avoid where you previously hit from....
Nick Watney -10 Lee Westwood -13 Ian Poulter -12
How do you go about going through the certification process on that I would be interested in learning about that and talking to you about some people who went through TGM.
Many teachers do their own research with trackman. I have heard many top instructors talk about starting direction of slicers being 15% to the right of the target and lower, those numbers where found from the use of a trackman. I understand spin axis tilt as well I was trying to find out if anyone has experience on the spin loft being more on a draw or a fade thus lower the smash factor.
Id agree with no lateral movement a fade should go farther but most players hit a draw with hips that are sliding towards the target. When the hips move towards the target in the swing the hands lead more delofting the club.
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