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I'm not big on dress codes.   However, jeans on a golf course just seem a little tacky to me.   I see people wear jeans on the course all the time, but 9/10 they just look disheveled, play bad, and have a mullet.   With that said, I can't really talk.  I'm 39 years old and still wear my hats backward or sideways (and on the golf course), so I suppose to some, I look tacky as well lol.   Everyone has their own sense of style.  If it works for you, by all means do...
Ok, this thread is making me paranoid (and no, I'm not stoned).  Played yesterday and two dudes in my group (pick-up) were smoking a bowl.  Ever since I read this thread everyone is blazing up on the course lol.   Kinda amusing that mary jane is illegal, cuz now I'm beginning to think all golfers smoke weed lol.
Joined a duo as a solo last week, and one of the guys in the duo group (who happened to be an ex Division 1 b-ball player) pulled out a blunt on the course and asked me if I wanted one.   I passed.  He was pretty stoned, but he played very well (and was cracking jokes and funny as hell)    
I prefer to walk with my handcart.   My worst rounds are when riding.   As noted by some above, when I walk, I can think about my last shot and think about the next one.  Plus, I need the exercise.   Also, the weather is crappy here right now, so carts can only be on the cart paths.   Driving kinda loses its point when you park on the path and need to walk 50 yards to get to your ball.
Shot a 101 (personal best)!   Easily the best round I've ever played.   I birdied a par 5 on an incredibly lucky shot.   On my fourth shot to the green, I was 150 yards away (kicking myself because I thought...great..get near the green, chip, three put and have a triple bogie).  I pulled out the 4 Hybrid, hit it good, and it went straight towards the hole.  The hole was elevated, so didn't see the ball.  When I got to the green, I was like, "dang...must of went over the...
Shot a 111 today and was quite happy.  I'm definitely seeing improvement in my game (I'm now consistently under 113 now (from mid 120s), after 1 month of play.  I only lost one ball.   What is killing me is the 2 and 4 Hybrid.  When I'm in the fairway with a long way to go, I'm just stuck.
Perhaps this is more of a question for the high handicappers, but have you ever had a bad score (by your standards), but you felt you played well?   I had that moment today.  For the past 2 weeks, I've been close to breaking 110 consistently.   However, today I played Chambers Bay (hosting 2015 U.S. Open), which is a VERY tough links course (during the amateurs tourney someone hit a 108).  I ended up shooting a 58 on the front nine and a 62 on the back.  Call me...
Still learning Golf dress etiquette he he.   Didn't keep score.  Was playing skins for $$ with the friends on the back 9 and I won two holes.  Had 2 pars for the day.  I'm sure I was in the 110-120 range (noobie golfer here).    
I have Nike Lunar Controls and absolutely love them.  Comfortable, good grip, and keep the feet dry during wet days.
Played Riverbend in Kent, WA earlier today.  It was a nice, but little cold, day. Hit a 53 on the front 9 and was super happy.   I'm trying to move from a 120 golfer to 100 golfer, so I felt on my way.   Was going well in the back 9, but the last three holes absolutely destroyed me, resulting in a 60 (went in the water TWICE on the 18th hole).  Ended up with a 113, which is an improvement.   I do think I'll be hitting consistently under 110 in a month or so...
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