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Roblar.....Get your used Hogans fitted from a local fitter, mine cost me $100 to get the loft and lie checked and turned down 1 degree.  The fitting will result in a greater percentage of "sweetspot hits."  If you like your clubs now, you'll love them after the fitting. My ball flight improved and I am hitting every club further.  Gatorcallaway.....I would not let 2 iron results even factor into your decision to "play or not play" the Hogans.  I know noone who plays a 2...
I have 2 sets of the Apex Plus, both are 3-E.  I'm a 12 hndcp and a decent ball striker, if I wanted to buy a new set of clubs with the same feel I would have to spend over $1200 with the fitting.  I'll keep my Hogans.
I always walk.  Boxer briefs this time of year and briefs when the weather gets warmer up hear in Pennsylvania.   'Champion'  makes the best "sweat wicking"  underwear.
Is Michael Bamberger the guy from SI who got Michelle Wie DQed?
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