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I have a G3 and love it. I use Lithium instead of rechargeable batteries, but other than that I agree with above. It's dead-on accurate, extremely rugged, and very easy to use. I don't track stats with it
New set of JPX Irons for me.....First mizuno's and first time being fitted. They're 2 degrees flat.........Finally had them on the course for the first time yesterday. Getting Fit changes everything.
1.) Get my handicap back to single digits. I feel like my games finally back to a place where that can happen this year 2.) Win a season-long bet with my buddy. We play each round match play and then a season long stroke play. I used to beat him like a drum, but he's destroyed me the last 2 years
If you are looking at the AP1's, check out the Mizuno JPX's. The JPX Pro's might be a good option for you too.
I've had a similar internal debate, as I bought new clubs yesterday. In the end though, I think for 90% of us, more forgiveness than we need is better. I have a sweet set of blades, but I only pull them out when I'm on fire. I bought some JPX 800's yesterday, they were miles ahead of anything else I tried (miles ahead for me, that is) I think, if you wanted to go to something like the JPX or the AP1, you might find that works for you. Jumping to an AP2 or an MP, you...
will be pulling the trigger in the next week or so. I've narrowed it down to JPX800, AP1, or G20. Whatever it is will likely have to be bent 2 degrees flat. Will stick with S300 shafts, I seem to hit them best. Thoughts on the 3 above? Also, what are the posibilities I can talk someone into selling me an AP1/AP2 combo for a lefty? That would be ideal, I think
These were the blades, right? I played them in High School. My first set of decent Irons (although they were a few years old already at the time) I wish I still had them. My memory may be a bit nostalgic, but I certainly played better with them than I have with anything since. Traded them for Ping I-3's and always regreted it.
Is this going to be your first set of blades? If so, don't drop too much cash on them. I have some Titleist 690 MB's that I absolutely love. I don't play them much, as my game is currently in the crapper, but they feel like butter when I"m on. All of my lowest rounds last year were with these (although my highest of the year was too) You can probably find a set for around $200.   As has been said, though, make sure you get fitted. It will have a far bigger impact on...
In comparing the 2 brands....... would the equivelant of the AP1 be the JPX 800? Anyone have thoughts on those 2? I'm a lefty, so the JPX Pro's are out.
So I'm at the range the other day, pounding away, when the range pro walks by and says "trying to fix that chicken wing, huh? You got a flying elbow, pal" He briefly told me what he meant and then walked off. (he charges $150 an hr for lessons, or I would have signed up on the spot).   can anyone suggest any drills to help with this? Is there some sort of rope or gadget to practice with that keeps my arms together? I tried for hours to figure it out on my own, but I...
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