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I think it was pretty funny the way he and his caddie were talking. Na seemed pretty pissed off, but, he kept his cool.
I can maybe see cold weather affecting some forge irons because of the condensation. it could rust up the clubs.
if the difference was like 5 bucks, I would play the course. if it was $10, I would probably do the range. I much rather play golf on the course than the range. but that's me.
since I worked at a golf course for more than 2 years, I probably played 2-3 times a week. and lately I have more time on monday and weds. I have probably played around 300 rounds in the past 4-5 years.
short putts could be tougher for him than long putts. like me for instance, I of course would love a 2 foot birdie putt. but, when I have a 20 foot birdie putt compared to a 8 foot birdie putt, I almost feel more relaxed on the 20 foot putt. I don't know why that is. just how I am with putting I guess.
I know I read it some where. I can't remember where though. I tried looking it up again but can't find anything yet.
yes, he should play a role in his putters. I like the fact that he actually goes to the conventions to promote his clubs and not send some representative.  
who knows really. I hope he does. he did show some of the old tiger we all know.   and welcome to the forum PinkMagic.   
I guess be happy that there are some dumb thieves.
I never said that others don't put a lot of effort into their designs. we are talking about scotty cameron putters here. not other brands. so I said scotty puts a lot of effort into his putters.   you have absolutely NOOOOOOOOOOOO idea how much he is involved in his putters. sure, he has workers who makes his putters, but he is in the offices everyday working his ass off with new designs AND with personalization of putters that people send in. he takes a lot of pride in...
New Posts  All Forums: