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What would you choose? if you could magically gain a golf super power where you could hit every shot say 10 to 20 yrds longer but be inaccurate with your shots (some go where you want some dont some hook or slice); or you'd have to sacrafice 10 to 20 yrds off of evry shot but hit the ball where you are aiming. What would you do? Personnaly I'd like both but I think I'd take the accuracy. sacraficing a couple yards off the tee or an approach shot might just mean a longer...
If everyone is so concerned about club speed and the weight of their club down to a couple of grams, of which there are 28 in an ounce and 448 in a pound, and why do golfers,  and I am mostly refering to pro on tv, wear watches. I know a wrist watch will not change the swing weight of a club but it will add to the overall amount of weight a golfer will have to move in order to swing the club. It just seems that wearing a watch will only slow down your swing.
I own the taylormade ghI am looking to ghost  putter tm110 it has the 3 sight lines at the back lower portion of the "anser" style putter head the front of the putter head where the insert is located is all flat white; picture on the right; I am looking to "extend" the center line forward; picture on the left called taylormade they do not do it, and neither will golfworks does anyone know who will?
ya wasn't thinking about the driver off the fairawy, should of mentioned this when I posted. I usually do not hit the three off the deck I mostly use my 18 hybrid so this whould not be an issue just looking more for the tee box
quick question for everyone, just wondering your thoughts and so forth. I have changed my driver stance setup,grip, and swing and seem to be able to hit the ball straight and pretty far 240-260 depending on the quality of the strike. also I am hitting pretty close to the center of the club, might be off 1/2 inch to an inch but relativly on center. My three wood I can make good contact with , hit it about 225 on a good hit but I am not that consistant and accurate with it...
I have played last years Srixion Zstar and Zstar x balls and love them just wondering if anyone has played this years version of the Zstar xv which I guess is a four layer ball as opposed to the three layer balls last year
Thats it mine is not a tour model from what I have found I think its a 95? didn't know what the "bubble" was about  
in my opinion you 5 wood and 3 hybrid are one degree difference in loft, your 5h and 6i has 3.5 degree difference. in my opinion you should ditch your 5 wood and keep your 5 iron. heres why; in my opinion because I do not know how you hit you woods and hybrids: but I would rather see a smaller distance gap between your iron and hybids. you will probably hit your hybrids longer than your iron. even though your 5h is only a degree off of your 5iron you will probably hit it...
stumbled accross an older taylor made driver today at GolfGalaxy. It was 5.99 so I couldnt resist (it would be great to keep in the car for those spontanious range visits) anyways its a Taylormade driver (says taylormade and titanium and the loft 9.5 on the bottom) and it has a bubble shaft in s-90 flex. trying to do some research on the club. anyone have one or should I say has had one? also whats the deal with the "bubble" in the shaft. I was thinking of shortening the...
whats the lofts of your hybrids? how about the loft of the first iron in your bag?
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