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Go through the mixed pennant season undefeated To keep my handicap better than 6 (Currently 5.2) To shoot 2 sub par rounds (I had 4 even par rounds this year, all with double bogeys in them) Hit a bag of balls at the range, once a week. To maintain my positive attitude, even when things are going bad, which is what I have been doing and just enjoy being on the course.
Feel wise, I dont think you will like the 59's after playing the 64's. Im looking at going that way, away from the Ti muscle. I think my old MX200's felt much nicer. They were some soft feeling clubs. I am a fan of the CB Titleist, but the poster above is right. You might be of more benefit sticking to an iron with forgiveness and soft feel. Im curious about the 54's.. I loved the 53's when I demoed them so I can imagine these are going to be just as good. You really cant...
You can see my sig, work it out lol..Just add a stand bag that cost me $230..
Duffner, Stricker, Watney (last year) off the top of my head. Even the best need a little help at times. Unless you are a good ball striker and can create good compression, Id stay with the cavity style iron. They are a nice feeling iron. Then its a matter of finding a shaft that has a suitable flex and kick for you. 
I tried the 910 against my old Mizuno MP600, same thing, no gain..I am keen to try the 913..
Ok, so one of our local golf chains was running a special on Callaway X Hot drivers. I tried one during a golf outing where Callaway sponsored one of the holes. Tee off with one of their drivers. So I tried the X Hot with the same specs as my current driver. No time to mess around with any kind of fitting process. I liked the feel. I hit one with a bad swing and lost it right, then I popped one. Felt real nice. So I went along with a friend who had purchased one and he...
I dont like Williams that much either, but sometimes raw emotion just takes over. He is a passionate caddie, and if you watch the replay, he does have a moment when he thinks, hey, I need to step back and let the golfers shake hands, and he does that quickly. Again, the guy gets up my nose for all kinds of reasons, but in the heat of the moment, he did what he did and congratulated Adam. After all, it is the Masters..
I think when the hopes and dreams of a nation pour out of you when you make the putt to win the Masters is hard to top. You could see the relief and pure joy on Scott's face and in his body language when he made that putt. And I have to say, I felt it too. I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears of raw happiness for Adam, and I was riding the wave with the other Aussies too. I dont think I have ever reacted in that way to a golf game. I was cheering and...
Technically, he does a lot wrong. It is indeed his tempo that makes it look so easy. His release makes it all look effortless...
So the 913 sounds different to the 910?? I found the 910 to have a pleasant thud, much like my current driver. Again, feel comes down to many things, but it didnt feel like the ball jumped off the face, and felt heavy. It must be me, there are plenty of players using it.
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