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Did you have the same shaft in all of them?? The shaft is a huge factor when it comes to spin.     
We have a kid at our club who has not turned 17 as of yet. He does come from a family of golfers. His mother is off 4 and Im not too sure about his dad, but both are astute golfers. At the end of 2010, he was a double figure handicapper, 11-12 or something, now just 14 months down the track, he is off +1. To me, that is a talent. Talent can not be taught. Talent is a gift. To go from 30+ to single figures, to me, also shouts talent. What you need now is someone to hone...
Im not sure if you are referring to me with night shots as I have posted a few, but so have others. Digital and film are no different when it comes to the way you treat night shots. I usually just set the aperture anywhere from f8-f11, sometimes higher if I want a longer exposure, but its really no different. Apart from the obvious part about getting the results right away and making the adjustments..    
That approach to the 72nd screamed tightness when he needed soft arms and hands to hit it high and land it soft. Feel bad for the guy, but hopefully this will make him better in the future. The experience of Sneds came through in the end. That put he drained on the playoff hole on 16 was rock solid...
I like both these guys, but that was hard to see Stanley implode like that...Off to the 16th..
Had 3 over yesterday. 3 bogies, 15 pars. Not a single birdie. Putts just would not drop...still, it was an ok round that still had some lose shots I need to remove from my game..
I definitely think Recari is up there. Her golf has been a little disappointing in 2011, but looks like she is working hard and hopefully see some results this year.      
Thats not good enough. You better remember her name..  
I will use anything from my 9i to my 58 when Im within 30m of the green. The 9i-GW get the most use if I can hit the ball with more pitch and run. Its only if I need to go over something (bunker, heavy rough to a tight pin) that I will use the 58. For me the club selection comes down to one thing and that is where I need land the ball and how much it will run out. For those of you using a 56 (traditional sand iron), how much bounce do they have?? If they have 12 or more,...
Ok, so the only thing that scares people about the Callaway is the fact that the head is not all metal?? There is not weird thing going on with the way its fixed in?? Ok, sweet...now to find a shaft..  
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