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I like the original. But if it got scratched up in a car with something on it, you might want to rethink the final coat. You could probably use what ever paint you wanted for the color (an acrylic in a spray can), but I'd have to go for a 2 part enamel to finish it using an air brush. I have done a lot of car painting over the years and 2k enamel although tricky to use is by far the most durable finish (obviously). Just put it under a heat lamp or in the sun (dust free...
You will get to play the front and the back....
How long have you had these and how long ago did they attempt to adjust the lies?? You have to name and shame the shop that butchered your irons. Unbelievable. 
Ok, I did a search and nothing about posting photos you have taken recently, but I did discover that there were some people on here into photography. So this thread may go well or just get ignored. But anyway, post up some of your favourite photos you have taken. Me personally, I like cityscapes, day or night, but love night or dusk. Here Goes.           Little bit of tilt/shift fun           Taken HDR    
Lag gives the impression the player is not swinging hard. 
It will effect the swing weight. You might not like it with the lighter head either. 
I have a Lancer Aspire. The missus wanted the RallyArt, but at an extra 10k without leather or satnav, no way. Under rated cars in my opinion. 
I actually hit some of those S2 irons (forged version) at a demo. They are actually nice feeling irons, but not really suitable to the PGA Tour, and I dont think they make them anymore anyway do they?? 
  Well, its actually 3 as mentioned. Not a wide variety, but I never said that. I think I used the term "options".    The Cobra S3 Pro's are a combo set, a mixture of cavity and muscle back. The CB and MB are 2 different models, as mentioned.    Looks are about as close as the AP2 and AMP get. They could not be any different.     
To back up from my solid 32 points yesterday, I had 24 today. After 3 putting from close range on the first, being against a tree on the 3rd and my dad hitting me on the 4th giving me another penalty (and his buggy also decided to pack it in on the 2nd), I was in no mood to be on the course. I was back handing putts from a foot that missed, hitting shots I just would not normally play. Its been a long time since I played with that kind of careless attitude. Turned with a...
New Posts  All Forums: