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He pretty much only has one real option when it comes to the irons with Cobra. Not the case with Titty. They must have made him a nice offer, otherwise I'm sure he would have been more than happy to continue to wear their clothing and use Titleist clubs.  #Orange2thebone 
OK, I just choked on my Fanta.    
If you have MP60's, the Ping is pretty much out of the equation (apart from maybe the S56). They are bulky irons in general. Big toplines, wide soles, and made from hard stainless steel. The AP2's are more in line with style and feel. If you are looking for forgiveness, the 53's and the 59's are your best options of the ones mentioned. The 63 is more tour orientated. Its pretty much a blade with a shallow cavity but with less forgiveness than the 53 and 59. 
My GW has an 8i shaft in it also. I need to do my 54 and 58 eventually. Just dont like the DG wedge shaft. 
With an Arc with the face rotating open on the back, square (ideally) at impact and closing on the follow through.  Something I am toying with at the moment, especially on putts inside 8-10ft is the tempo. 
I think the key word here is "Measure". Can the phone measure distance?? Yes it can. Can the phone, with the right app, measure slope?? Yes it can. Can the phone with a compass installed tell you where north is?? Yes is can. Can the phone measure wind speed, temperature, humidity?? NO it cant!!! I think with the use of the word "measure", from what I understand, I cant see why a phone would be considered non conforming provided it does not have a compass or level...
Faldo gets on my nerves a bit. Constantly cutting in, talking over the top of people. Be humble about your success and dont think that everyone has to stop because you have something to say because you have a "Sir" in front of your name..   There was a good case of conflicting opinions about Stricker today. One said he had a gift when it come to judging short approach shots while the other said it was hard work..awkward.   
Im working on getting the hands forward at impact, working from the inside and delaying the release. I was doing all these things great early last year, then I started working on other things and these things fell by the wayside. Working on some drills in the living room. Short swings, maintaining the shaft angle and making a good release. Once again, the key work for me is "Trap". 
A friend of mine was putting out yesterday, last hole in the comp, and he missed a short one, really short. His putter must has gone 70m across 2 fairways. Thing is, he had to finish putting out. He tapped in with a wedge. Its not the first time I have seen him retrieve his putter from another fairway. I can get pretty pissed off, but its limited to tossing the club back at the bag, or jamming it back in the bag. I put a pretty bad dent in one of my wedges a few weeks...
I am fortunate enough to have a dedicated chipping green at our course, and being just 300m away, I get to work on that part of my game when ever I feel I need to sharpen up. Its mowed and treated jut like any other green on the course, so its not a case of practising the contact, then making the adjustment for the roll on the course. I have about 70 balls in my practice bag (all ProV so I get the same feel and results in practice), so I'll hit 5 to one hole, then 5 to...
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