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More OSU boys to cheer for next year. Good on him. Cant wait to see more of him on the tour. Im going to predict that he will win an event before Fowler does which is not easy for me to say because I am a huge fan of Fowler outside of the fact that he is OSU Alumni. They just keep producing great golfers. 
There is not real way of knowing. Some people say that for every half inch you lose X amount of swing weight points. How do you intend on adding weight or shifting the balance?? 
I have had 3 birdies on a single nine a few times this year, all under comp conditions. I also have had 5 birdies for 18 (my last one just 2 weeks ago) on most of those days. Unfortunately, I had a whole other thing going on the other holes so a chance at a PB was never a chance. Its funny, my PB of -1 only included 2 birdies. Had a real issue with the putter that day with 16 GIR. 
what about after you putt out?? I, and I have seen many other players do this, use the ball to even out the lip as you pull your ball from the hole from the inside. Not tap it down, but tap the dirt under the turf line. As I am one of the early birds, I find it isn't necessary these days as new holes are cut before each round, but will do it if Im having a practice round in the afternoon just to fix up someone else's carelessness. I know the social round is just that,...
I think its just a coincidence. Drivers can crack after a few weeks or months, some last years. I think 5 years is pretty good out of a driver that cops its fair share of punishment. 
oh crap...didnt notice...cheers. I'll sort that out. Fixed. 
If OSU lost 2 or 3 games and still won the conference like those teams, we would not be having this debate . Falling over the line to win your conference and missing the National Bowl game by a bees dick are 2 different things. I do wish your team good luck though. They are going to need it. I'll be quietly going to for LSU. I have a mate who is an LSU fan so I hope his team gets it done. 
This made me laugh.....40?? Really?? come on now....
I think it stinks that a team that wins their conference, all be it very easily, does not get a chance to win a national championship. Lets start putting the teams that run first and second in the AFC in the Superbowl and forget the other conference even exists...I hope the tide get smashed. Its nothing personal against them, but lets see how many points their offense can score...I am dirtier than a $5 hooker over this.....
Shot this video the other day. Although not down the line or face on, I like this angle because I can get an idea on how Im transferring my weight and if Im coiling around my spine. In this, I can see I have gone back to a slight tilting at the top, something I worked hard on in the beginning of the year to remove. I am happy with the shaft angle as my hands get closer to the side of my body so Im creating a little more lag than I was. Would still like to get better with...
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