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WOW!! Amazing game!! thought it was over a few times. Can't wait for game 7 tonight. 
Back to Back home runs right there by Texas in the 7th inning of game 6 was pretty cool. 
99 infiniti G20 
  any chance you would be willing to send the glove to someone else to try? like me :) If it doesn't help, I'd send it right back.    
I have had carpel tunnel in my hands from growing up with video games and typing papers through college. After a round of golf or a large bucket at the range, my fingers and the back of my right hand feel like someone stepped on them. Pain free golf would be awesome! 
  would you mind explaining these two things in a bit more depth?    
  When I forget about everything and just go use my old self made swing, I use to be able to usually hit my wedges through my 7 about where I want them to go. My 6-driver all sliced right. But at least I was hitting the ball in the right direction. My natural original swing hit the ball with my left arm and I was told I never "fired through" which got me a ton of easy power.    The different swings I've been shown all do similar things with the body, but all at different...
thats the thing, I'm not at all confident about my swing since I have so many different swings in my head. I'm not even sure which one to use when I go to practice. I was just hoping somone could kind of break down a swing that is "the norm" for beginners
This may be a stupid question, but I'm pretty new to golf and have seen or been taught/shown 4-5 different ways to swing a golf club in the past 3 months. Now I'm pretty mixed up. I've tried 4-5 different grips, different release points, and different ways to stand.  Is there a "right way" to do each of those? Or do people just find a way that works for them and keep trying to get consistent?    I'm right handed   Stances:   1: feet square.  2: back foot...
New Posts  All Forums: