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Hey everyone,   Glad to be here to join the group...I am a former scratch golfer who competed in school and numerous minor tournaments, etc...I'm 30 years old now and, since I started school for my masters, I backed away and didn't play golf for over 2 years. I used to average around 68, but now I'm at a 6-7 hcp, working my way down... I got the itch again and I believe I'm going to work back towards the tournament scene after a lot of practice the next few...
hey guys, I love playing captain's choice tournaments with friends or future friends...if you're looking for another man on your team, or want to make a team let me know...if you even hear about a tournament going on in the midlands/lowcountry/grand strand/etc, please let me know at:      shawnbilton@yahoo.com thanks so much! :)   facebook.com/shawnbilton
hey guys...I've been playing the same irons for the last 10 years, and I'm a 7 hcp now...I always have to swing them really slower than what I can normally swing to keep them accurate...they are Golden Bear blades (from the 70's?) and I love the look...I wanted to get fitted for the first time ever because I want to see if equipment and fitting could help me get to scratch, so I went to golf headquarters and found out everything is pretty standard (I'm 5'10) from what he...
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