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I ran 6 miles today with a pace of 7 minutes. The sensor in my nike sneakers really work great,i have every stat and every bit of information i need stored in my ipod.
I just tryed the berkshire brewing co holiday brew.It was a real good beer.
I am a seasonal beer kind of guy,so i am drinking the Blue Moon abbey ale winter brew.One of my other favorites is Berkshire Brewing Company's  winter beer called Cabin Fever.
My son is 5 yrs old and he can hit the ball pretty decent.I bring him with me to the range everytime i go and he loves to hit the ball in the back yard. I try to keep it simple and fun for him.He isnt a big sports watcher but for some reason he loves to watch golf.,I am just wondering if any parents have any experience in the teaching there kids the game department.I want him to be a very good golfer but i dont want to push him.I am sure some of you guys are like he is...
LOL,well in that case i will go with your stats.    
LOL i do think that Rory needs both things to happen.Are you sure it's 10th or worse?I thought if Luke finished 8th with three other guys or worse and Rory won Luke would come in second.I could be wrong but hey the bottom line is that Luke has it in the palm of his hand.Can't wait to see this unfold.    
I really do think Sergio is going to play very well this week.I couldn't agree more Wansteadimp.
There goes pinky and the brain.They are at it again.     
It is called predictions,that is part of the way you look at sports in general.You have to give a prediction on who you think will win and what you think will happen.The reason you do discuss who you think will win is because this is a golf forum and that is what you do on forums.Once again you fail to stay on the topic.I am sure everyone that is talking  about the Dubai on this thread would like to see you act your age and stay on topic.  
  It should be a good tournament,Luke is just so good all the time it's scary.Rory will give it his all because he knows he needs a win or a total collapse by Mr.Donald,which i think is highly unlikely.Like you said Sean look at what happened at the fed-ex.I love these type of scenarios because every shot is so big.I guess the only thing that stinks is that it starts at 3 a.m.,i guess i will have to set the dvr.Do you think Luke will stay on top and win??  
New Posts  All Forums: