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In general I think the seniors working at places like McD's get the jobs because they are perceived, rightly or wrongly, as having a better work ethic than HS kids. Quote:Originally Posted by Abu3baid I'm pretty sure that MW is set by the state, so employees can clamor for all they want can't they? At the end of the day it is not them setting that bar..I'm pretty sure that there is no way MW is at 15 right now..  It is not them setting the bar, but it is them fomenting...
 The person making a $7.50 minimum, who clamors for $15, should also consider that at $15 the employer will have lots of other people wanting to work there and the current $7.50 guy probably cannot compete with them and will lose his job and go down to $0.00 per hour.   Work ethic.
You might consider posting a swing thread.  With the eyes of the experts here (not me) on your swing, and their sharing of their knowledge with you, you will be more likely to use your effort and energy in a more efficient way to get the result you are looking for. Getting a copy of LSW would also be a good way to work on improving the strategic and mental side of your game. Good luck! and keep us up on how you're doing.
So you still do not get the difference between things that occur instantly and a risk that can only become a risk after a half hour of drinking, which was the point and why the six pack analogy was silly and the defib is not, but OK.
 This may be a bit off-topic, but maybe not.  It was noted in another thread that you guys were not part of this new suit that was announced.  I wonder if your deep knowledge of the field and the companies gives you any insight you might care to share with us about that suit and how you apparently have avoided infringing.
 Many people actually DO carry defibs around with them on the golf course.  In their chests.  So that is not ludicrous at all.   And they put the defib in your chest so you are never without it.  Because you do not know when your heart might just stop.  Just like you might not know when you just might need to defend yourself or others.  I wonder which there are more of, victims of violent crimes or people who went into cardiac arrest?
 You sound to me like a guy who might enjoy taking the USGA class for getting certified to be a handicap chair.  You're interested and thoughtful and that is all it takes.  And you don't have to actually become a handicap chairman.    As to the first comment there is a big difference between a word that is used in the context of the rules and a word that is used in a more general context.  Th rules require words to be defined with precision.  Characterizing a process...
 While you are right that the handicap manual is not as clear as it could be, the point has come up before and members have directed the question to the USGA and Fourputt's answer is what they said was correct.  Someone who is very good at searching here could probably find the past thread(s) where this has come up.  The USGA is pretty good about answering question of this type, although they caution you to not publish their exact response publicly. So if you want real,...
 Not a knock on you because you weren't the first to use one, but I find that using dictionary definitions in a specialized setting is not particularly useful. I look at handicap as a figure calculated so that if I play well **for me** applying the handicap will get me at or under par (really adjusted CR but for simplicity I am going to use par).  Your way of looking at it would make it so that you would have to play very very well, for you, to have the application of the...
Funny, I don't remember Weir winning 5 events two years ago.  
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