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Great post, especially that last point.  It is a lot easier to convince someone that something is an infraction if you have been in time to help him NOT commit the infraction.
 I find the search capabilities within the decisions of the USGA rules app to be really helpful. As to the DQ, I wonder if the reasoning is that it it cannot be undone?  Most penalties involve correcting the situation and then being assessed the penalty strokes.  But this one cannot be "corrected". I probably would have missed that one as well except I remembered about a guy recently getting DQed for using alignment sticks while (with permission) hitting practice putts on...
 He already is.  While it is not official, on any kind of apples to apples comparison he is ahead of Snead.  Snead is only ahead if you count events like team events and short field events that counted then but that under current rules do not count for Tiger.  It would be kind of like counting Jack's US Amateurs but not Tiger's, which thankfully no one does.  [[SPOILER]]
I didn't watch.   Bengalese Tigers scare me.  
 You make a really good point I had not really thought of in this way.  Maybe the trouble some private clubs are having is because one of the results of the Tiger-boom was the increase in upscale daily-fee courses.  I remember reading articles about daily fee courses trying to give golfers the private club experience.  Maybe part of the problem is that they were so successful that golfers who might have joined a private club now enjoy a similar level of cosseting without...
 Just a heads up Dan, Don't type within the quote box.  It malforms the post.  Look at the above, it looks like everything YOU wrote was actually written by Duff. No biggie, we've all done it at one time or another. And welcome to the board!
 Pretty harsh to call the individual guy a jackass if he is just doing what he has been told do to in junior golf.  If there has been any jackassery, IMO, it is in junior golf trying to solve a pace of play problem with a sacrifice of courtesy and etiquette.
 I've used thumping the driver head behind the ball as a swing trigger, off and on.  Also sliding it behind the ball. As noted in the thread, all perfectly legal.
 It was the OP's post which implied he was purposely hit into.  Confrontation <> hitting into someone.   The only pretending is being done by you and and the other defenders of the OP.  No one said the thing you put in quotes. There is nothing in this story that suggests in this case the faster players did anything wrong, with the possible exception of the OP's claim that they hit into him(which personally I do not believe, as it is inconsistent with the rest of his whole...
 For which, it seems to me, he should be grateful, not complain about having to serve at all.  
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