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 Nope.  Allegedly does not apply here because I KNOW. I mean if I am ACTUALLY guilty I want people on the jury who will bend over backwards to an implausible extent to excuse my actions.  
 If I am ever guilty of murder, I want you on my jury.
Yup..  Economic democracy.
If you did it in a tournament or other competition that is exactly what it means, because it does not just affect you it affects everyone in the tournament or competition.  By entering you acknowledged, implicitly or explicitly, a voluntary commitment to play by the rules.  If you do not and refuse to accept responsibility for your actions then that seems like  textbook example of cheating. If you did it in a casual round that you are't posting for handicap then it just...
 Of course everyone can have an opinion, but not all opinions are created equal.  If we are talking about a golf coaching job I just think that those who actually coach golf will have a far more valid opinion than those who have never done it. IAC, I appreciate you sharing YOUR opinion.  
The definition of out of bounds is: 
 Yes.  But seriously, I think the paucity of responses is because it is a very hard thing to even think about, let alone answer, for those of us who are not golf coaches or instructors.  I am far more interested in what you, Erik, Mike, and other pros here think about this particular issue than what some 16 like me thinks about it.
2 definitely seems unreasonable.  But do you think there is some maximum handicap to be able to qualify as a rater?  And if so what ballpark do you think that maximum might be?
Ouch.  Just the thought makes MY back hurt.
All the discussion of Chamblee vs. Harmon based on their number of PGA wins is just kind of silly, IMO.  There is a simple reason why Harmon should be listened to and Chamblee should not.  Harmon has spent decades working with golfers, learning how to teach, coaching, etc.  Some of the best players in the world pay him large amounts of money because of his knowledge of the swing and his ability to communicate that knowledge in a meaningful way to his...
New Posts  All Forums: