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Your analogy is wildly inapt (it is a career, not a one-shot gig - the principal presumably has actual expertise - he is my actual boss), but in a situation like that what I KNOW will happen is that the principal would relay the concerns to me.  I didn't hear Bishop say anything about talking to Tom about the concerns.   As to his style of leadership in 1993 - I highly doubt he went at it as Mr. Dictator with players so much closer to his own generation - I do not see that...
 Even better, while I know it won't happen, would be to get the PGA of America out of the Ryder Cup altogether.  It made sense when the PGA included the tournament players, but they do not any more and the PGA of America has demonstrated a complete inability to put a system in place that ensures continuity and gives us reasonable choices for captains.   Exactly my point, and the ones who created the (lack of) organization for the Ryder Cup team are the PGA of America.....
 We now know that he voiced these concerns to the president of the pga who is Watson's boss.  We also know that for some time he has lobbied for changes.  He didn't throw Watson under the bus, IMO. Watson did that to himself with his arrogance and ignorance.  Phil just pointed out what we all knew all along.
I did not, but I could see someone flipping to it when there were commercials on the other channel..  Actually seems like it would be a natural for picture-in-picture. Actually it sounds more like NOT watching golf with your buddies.  
The bottom line:     1) Phil will be on more Ryder Cup teams and will captain one or more in the coming years, and.   2) Tom Watson will never again captain an international golf team of any kind.         The PGA of America better get its head out of its butt and start consulting with the players in its choice of captains.  Thinking they could whip the players into shape by appointing a martinet was stupid right from the start.  There was a time when playing...
 There are cultures where stopping for a full lunch at the turn is de rigeur.
 Rule 1-2 prohibits a golfer from altering physical conditions with the intent of affecting the play of the hole. Penalty 2 strokes or, in a case as you describe, likely DQ. 
It has been talked about before, here, but you may not have seen that there is actually a book that goes through the fundamental principles of golf, and how they have informed and shaped the rules of golf.   https://www.usga.org/PublicationStore/PubStoreProductDetails.aspx?id=21474853812
I've also heard that those plastic dolls have fertility problems. 
Man, that is embarrassing coming from Sutton.  I've never been  big fan of his.  Silver spoon guy who never lived up to the hype.     Of course the 800 pound elephant in the room is that the US had control of the course set-up.  I wish the interviewer had asked, "If you thought that the Oakland Hills set up favored the Euros so much WHY DID YOU SET IT UP THAT WAY?????"  That nonsense about we had no chance because they hit it on the ground and we hit it in the air just...
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