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 No offense intended, but the mere fact that you think practicing your drills one day because you are playing a tough course the next day shows that you still really don't "get" the long term nature of improvement in golf.  Whether you practice the day before playing or not is going to be virtually meaningless, IMO, in the long term.
 If it only takes minimal skill to putt well why are we even talking about 15" holes??
 So prior to Jack you thought Walter Hagen was the GOAT?  If you did you were pretty lonely because almost no one did.  Yet by the criteria you advance he should have been . Does the number of opportunities to PLAY in majors play a part?  Because Jack had lots more opportunities than guys like Vardon, Jones, Hagen, Snead, Nelson, and Hogan.  That is what makes Jack's claim that the only fair way to compare players across eras is majors so egregious and self-serving, since...
There are good players that take practice swings and there are good players who do not take practice swings.  Just do not turn into "that guy" who ends up taking half a dozen practice swings complete with Mike Weir-like partial backswings on the practice swings.  I played with a guy like that at an outing recently and it took him longer to tee off and on every full shot than the other three of us combined.  It was both painful to watch and irritating in the extreme.
I met Kenny Perry after playing his course in Kentucky.  He was very nice to me and generous with his time in having a chat.  And then I saw him hanging out with the regular folks who play his course and he seemed like just a regular guy.  Been a fan ever since.
  Logical fallacy.  The claim that the best players are there does not imply that every player that is there is among the best.  Hence your citations of O'Meara and Stadler as an argument that the field does not contain the best is wildly misplaced.  Yeah, I can.  The UEFA Champions League champion automatically qualifies for the Champions League in the following year even if they did not otherwise qualify.  One big difference is that when this occurs, and it has, it...
That is what I would have thought, but I'm not really sure.
Yes you addressed it but I found your response, which, as you like to point out to others, is just your opinion, unconvincing.  In my experience the frustrations of a new golfer are far more centered in hitting the ball solidly and in the air than in putting.  It has also been my experience that newbys can get to some reasonable level of putting far easier than they can get to some reasonable level of hitting the ball.
What I wonder about is whether he would have to remain an amateur to take advantage of the lifetime Masters exemption.  If you win the Amateur you have to stay an amateur in order to keep your Masters invitation.  But it would seem a little unfair to me if you lost your lifetime exemption because you turned pro.
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