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 OK, I'll bite.  How can a course have no OOB limits?  Inquiring minds, you know.  The inability of a course to have infinite size would seem to argue against it, but I'm sure you have something (tricky) in mind.
 Or maybe it is just 2 different organizations?   Anyone remember what the PGAtour did when women played in PGAtour events?  I do not.  Did they allow Annika, for example, to wear shorts?  If the tour made them wear pants then I don't see any sexism. 
 I think we can all agree on that.  
 Maybe it is just me.  Or maybe you missed these.        
 Assuming there is a point, which I really do not see, I'd say 3.25435 times my annual income. But seriously it is an individual thing depending on a lot of factors.  Not being there at my kid's birth will have 0 effect on him, IMO.  If it is enough money that at some point it will make a difference in what I can provide for them then that amount is enough.  Giving up something that is no benefit for my kid in exchange for something that will provide a significant benefit...
It would just be nice if your opinion did not include the implication that those who disagree with you are bad fathers whose love for their kids is questionable.
 The only time I will make any kind of unsolicited rules comment when playing casually or with strangers is when someone is in a situation where the rules will help them but they do not know that.
 Welcome to TST, and thanks a lot for giving us that feedback.  At first I was a little worried since this was your first post and it involved a product but obviously you are a real person and not a shill (yeah sometimes we get those).  Anyway it is great that you shared our experience and I know it was appreciated.  I hope you'll stick around and participate in some of the other threads.  Lots of good folks here and tons of free instructional material and feedback.
He said ball, not balls.  
 Amazing that under your standard fathers apparently didn't start loving their kids until the last 40 years or so.  It is not that long ago that fathers were almost NEVER at their kids' birth.  Maybe pacing in a room somewhere but not present.  How funny that we make our cultural quirks into virtual imperatives.   Due respect, it is an absurd point.  I wonder what kind of dad someone would make if he selfishly traded his family's financial security for his own "feel-good"...
New Posts  All Forums: