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Sounds like keegan and his caddie ought to learn the rules differences between stroke and match play.  Jimenez has every right to involve himself in any rules situation.  
 This is warming up, not practice, IMO.  And if you are warming up to play a course you are not familiar with, as is often the case in a tournament, you SHOULD be spending more of that time on the short game because you aren't practicing it you are acclimating yourself to the speed and texture of the greens and the grass at that particular course on that particular day. But practice is different.  There the goal, IMO, should be to make the short game as moot as possible by...
I never said he was great, so I am not sure what you are disagreeing with.  But if you say to any GM you can draft QB x with the #1 pick and the only thing I am going to tell you about his future is that he will start every game for you for 10 years and be the SB MVP twice, every single GM would draft that guy.  Calling such a player a bust is beyond ridiculous.
 Sorry, but you lost all football credibility when you labelled a 2-time Superbowl MVP a bust.
 When I taught JHS math I always wanted to teach an elective of the math kids exposing them to some things to show them what math really was, since most of them think it is just arithmetic.  TPTB would never let me but I still manages to sneak some of that stuff into my regular classes.   My scope was limited because they are young and their mental processes are not that well developed, but I still managed to do some cool things with them.  I had a little Fibonacci unit...
 Huh?  Everything I've read says he is the most ready to step in day 1.  He played in a pro style offense.  Who are you seeing say he is a project player?   It is 4 hours between Tallahassee and Tampa Bay.  And his hometown is in Alabama, not Florida. Now it looks like straining for reasons for TB to not draft him.
 Download this: http://www.usopen.com/pdfs/Spectator_Guide.pdf It will have the answers to a lot of your questions.  I found the equivalent very helpful when I went to the 2008 US Open practice rounds.
 Yeah.  I can understand that some people just won't do it because they think it looks bad, but I do not get the guys who are claiming that it is a silly or outlandish.   Same with the 20-30 yard putt from the fairway.  Don't these guys ever watch a British Open?? Lowest Score Wins, not prettiest path to the hole. And if people allow their choice of shots to be influenced by what their playing companions are going to say, they really need to buck up their self-esteem and...
 And if you are not compiling stats but analyzing your own game then you get to make your own judgments on these things.     Exactly.  If you hit it a foot away from the green and can putt it it certainly is not a GIR for "stat" purposes.  But then we have to ask what the purpose of the stat is.  If we are comparing to other people we need a common definition.  But if we are using them to analyze our own game then we each decide what makes sense to us.  
I've always believed that more people get sick because of the worry-induced stress these things cause than from the thing they are worrying about.
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