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 Somehow I think that in all of that long time the course was enjoyed he could have figured out how to block that shot if he wanted to.  Or maybe figured out that he should have made that a par 3 to start with, since there was no safety issue.  That people enjoyed the course does not justify ignoring the rules.   And if expecting courses to be designed with at least the hope of being played according to the rules is being a purist, then I gladly accept.  
 Exactly, the morons here, and in @MS256's example are the course set-up people.  You do not get to make up rules because you are too lazy to put up a screen.
Crowds with pink hats?  Did I miss something?
 Why do you keep equating Bishop and Peter Dawson?  They hold completely different positions.  Obviously Bishop is not someone of a temperment to hold a high position in an organization for a long time.  He is PGA President for a limited period and then returns to his (richly deserved, as it turns out) obscurity.  The US analog to Peter Dawson is Mike Davis of the USGA.
It has almost become cult-like.
Violators will be executed. The point being, you can make all the guidelines and rules you want, but the problem is enforcement, or the lack thereof.
Shakespeare wrote a play about this.
 Maybe Vijay is his adviser.
I wonder how many takes it took.
I remember back in the day when course ratings were first being talked about the original formula was to divide the yardage by 200 and add 38.25. This is an interesting article from back in 1977 when they were changing from that yardage-only based system to the present system. http://www.popeofslope.com/history/newratings.html Slope, of course, is another matter and that was what I really meant when I referenced course rating.
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