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 I agree.  #ChineseFoodMatters!!
 The bolded statement is irretrievable, illogical, nonsense, but typical of how you have argued in this thread.   Someone disagrees with you and all of a sudden you claim everything you have said is being called stupid.. Someone says that pace is play is only a minor aspect of the lost ball rule (after reams of messages about the lost ball rule and pace of play from the anti-rule crowd) and you claim he is saying someone said it is the most significant factor. It is...
  The boundary is where the boundary is, regardless of whether it is marked, so I think your conclusion is unwarranted.  If the ball is sitting in the middle of someone's lawn, I do not need OB markers or a property line to know that I have left the boundaries of the course.  
 I think that either the NCAA cannot read or they are too arrogant to follow the rules.  Possibly both.  The combination of ignorance and arrogance is quite common in educational circles, usually increasing in degree the higher you go, in my experience.
 Oh, geez,another red herring.  He never said it was the MOST significant factor.  Nor did anyone else.  You would do better to interact with and counter the arguments that people are ACTUALLY making than throwing out clever one liners that are completely irrelevant.
 Being a little disingenuous, aren't we?  Did you miss the social media storm?  Did you miss amazon and ebay refusing to sell anything with the flag?  These ARE the same entities that have no problem selling nazi memorabilia, but that confederate flag?  Too evil to be sold.
 But it is much more like negotiating with a foreign leader than is writing and editing law review articles.   And BTW, just for accuracy sake, Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law Professor he was a Lecturer.  I am no expert on the academic world, but I am pretty sure they are very different positions.
I don't know what that is suppose to prove.  To me it reads like an emotionally fragile person could not handle the life he built for himself.
 It wasn't Jeter I was knocking.  Nor Putin.  But given your description of Putin (which seems pretty accurate to me) I just kind of wish our guy was someone who could avoid being hustled by a baseball player with no such KGB training and background.
If you really mean billiards, then no.  Therese Klompenhouwer is far and away the best female 3-cushion billiards player in the world and while she plays in some men's events she is nowhere near competitive with the real players. In pool, I think Jeanette Lee may have competed in some men's events but I cannot see that she has ever won anything in them, while she completely dominated women's pool for more than a decade.  [[SPOILER]]
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