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As to your first point, why wouldn't they?  Anyone maintaining a real handicap index is presumably doing it for a reason and for that reason to make sense they need to know the course handicap - which is simply a way of translating a "universal" handicap index to a course handicap that adjusts for the difficulty of the course. As to the second point, the handicap holes really are only relevant in match play.   Say you are a 10 and you are playing against an 18 (in both...
I haven't played there.  I just moved to CO from SoCal and can't play yet due to a sprained and chipped ankle. Would it be difficult for them to just put up a small fence or a tree to block that path?
That is assuming they can find jobs.  With the contraction of the golf industry that could be difficult. The other problem is that the reason people don't take lessons has nothing to do, IMO, with there not being enough PGA pros available to give lessons.
Given the safety issue and the pattern of people ignoring signs and trying to cut the corner anyway I would think the course would have a huge liability issue if someone gets hurt by someone trying to cut the corner.  They were aware of a dangerous situation, they knew their "solution" didn't work but they just let it go.  Sounds like classic negligence to me.  
Surely you would not argue that the British Open in those years had anything like the percentage of the world's best players that the other majors had in those years and which the British Open gets now.  Before Arnie most American pros might go over once or twice to say they had played there.  And like it or not, the best players in the world in the post-WW2 era were Americans.  And most players, no matter which side of the pond, did not find it economically feasible to...
it is nice that you found someone to talk to about this.
While I agree that Jack should be in the top 3 (I put Hogan in there with Jack and Tiger) I do not see how you put Jack into the "endless drive to be the best" category.  Where was the drive to get a decent short game (yes and I've herd the explanation that he was s good tee to green he never felt he needed one).  But those famous losses to Trevino and Watson were largely fueled by them having much better short game than Jack (anyone remember him leaving TWO balls in...
Yes I did and I appreciate it.  It almost HAS to come down to that for them because there is really nothing else on that side of the question.  
To me the question is not why they call it The Open Championship, it is why some people get their panties in a bunch when people call it the British Open as they have outside the UK for a long long time.  This whole PC sanitizing* has been going on for the last 10-20 years and I'm sure that in the end the media will have their way.  But I am not going to change just because some people take  what is, for me, a provincial attitude that it is more important to uphold some...
 Very possibly.  IMO you have to look at a lot of things, things on which he has made a very good start.  Which is kind of what the Tiger supporters have been saying all along, vis a vis Jack. (to bring it back on topic)
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