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I think you meant to say lost or OB - it read like a slip of the finger rather than a conscious thing.
 The bolded portion is incorrect.  You cannot hit a provisional on the basis that you think your ball might be lost in a water hazard (unless a pretty unusual local rule is in effect). 
Oh, definitely retire.  Who knows better than him that when you are at the low point of a swing change and regaining health that the way you pay in your first event completely determines how the future course of your career will go.  This is 1998, 2004, and 2012 talk all over again.  
 What does that have to do with typical amateur golfers?    Here is the thing.  Do you want to play better or do you just want to write a lower score down?  Because a non-conforming club will only do one of these.  If you hit it 15 yards further with a non-conforming club it isn't because you played better.  Why would doing the exact same thing but getting a better result - because of something you bought not something you did -  give any satisfaction?  I just do not get...
 Really?  Still?
This makes no sense to me.  No one was a better ball striker than Lee Trevino AND he had an amazing career yet NO ONE is adopting HIS swing.  It doesn't work that way.  The fact is that there doesn't seem to be any evidence that someone can use the Moe Norman swing and compete successfully at the highest level. I do not see where anything prevented his swing from getting a chance.  Moe's psychological and emotional problems prevented HIM from ever fairly putting his swing...
 4. Don't bet on slow horses.
  Adding any foreign substance to the club face to change the playing characteristics is illegal.  I doubt there are any implications for future equipment rule changes in that. You would think so, wouldn't you.  Yet there is company out there peddling non-conforming balls and it is not as clear as we might think, considering those very balls have been recommended on this very site by users who did not realize they are illegal.  I am talking, of course about Polara golf...
With all of the variables of lie, slope, green speed, etc, it seems unlikely to me that these ratios, even if we assume for arguments sake they have some validity, would apply universally.  
 That makes no sense to me because they didn't start out as full blown touring pros with rules officials.   Maybe I am just stupid, but if my livelihood was based on an activity that had rules, and a violation of those rules can cost me thousands of dollars, I'm going to be damned sure that I have done everything I can to avoid making that thousands of dollar mistake.  I do not have the slightest sympathy for a guy like Dustin Johnson who blows a major because he cannot be...
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