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It has almost become cult-like.
Violators will be executed. The point being, you can make all the guidelines and rules you want, but the problem is enforcement, or the lack thereof.
Shakespeare wrote a play about this.
 Maybe Vijay is his adviser.
I wonder how many takes it took.
I remember back in the day when course ratings were first being talked about the original formula was to divide the yardage by 200 and add 38.25. This is an interesting article from back in 1977 when they were changing from that yardage-only based system to the present system. http://www.popeofslope.com/history/newratings.html Slope, of course, is another matter and that was what I really meant when I referenced course rating.
 This does NOT sound right to me.  Are the course ratings different depending on which set of rules are in play**?  And on what basis are people entering rounds as Tournament rounds that were not played in a tournament?   While I am not an expert I have always understood that the distinguishing factor of a tournament round is the competition, not the rules under which a round  was played.  The Handicap Manual says:   Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying?...
 C'mon, don't pout.  It is OK to be wrong and it is OK to admit you were wrong.  You do not have to be "purer" than the actual rules to be virtuous.  Interesting contrast between the R&A competition guidelines quoted by Fourputt and the USGA's guidelines.  The USGA guidelines give several examples of when a committee should mark an area GUR when it clearly is NOT temporary.  Examples of such are:  french drains, fire ants, and flowerbeds.  These are all permanent parts of...
 I had no idea.  Thanks for the explanation.
 It is a whole different world with which I have no familiarity.  I've never played on a course that had a cooling fan, temporary OR permanent.  My prior response had mistakenly assumed they were there because of some very unusual situation.  I had no idea they were permanent.
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