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The definition of out of bounds is: 
 Yes.  But seriously, I think the paucity of responses is because it is a very hard thing to even think about, let alone answer, for those of us who are not golf coaches or instructors.  I am far more interested in what you, Erik, Mike, and other pros here think about this particular issue than what some 16 like me thinks about it.
2 definitely seems unreasonable.  But do you think there is some maximum handicap to be able to qualify as a rater?  And if so what ballpark do you think that maximum might be?
Ouch.  Just the thought makes MY back hurt.
All the discussion of Chamblee vs. Harmon based on their number of PGA wins is just kind of silly, IMO.  There is a simple reason why Harmon should be listened to and Chamblee should not.  Harmon has spent decades working with golfers, learning how to teach, coaching, etc.  Some of the best players in the world pay him large amounts of money because of his knowledge of the swing and his ability to communicate that knowledge in a meaningful way to his...
 It isn't like it was when I was starting out.  Those that care now have a huge amount of resources to draw on for anything they want to know.  But that doesn't really solve the problem since the problem isn't so much as newbys as the veterans who don't know or don't care.   Yeah, what is the chance that the ballmark was left by a newby?
 It may be happening in a lot of places, but not everywhere.  Not where I live now (Northern CO) and not where I used to live (high desert in socal)   The thing is, as a consumer the employees of the company are not my responsibility.  
 When you pay with a credit card you get some protections.  Under the law, you cannot be charged for a product or service that you do not receive.  This was a big factor in recent years when airlines have gone bankrupt.  People with pre-paid tickets who paid by credit card got almost immediate refunds, since they never received the service.  People who paid with debit cards or checks became unsecured creditors of the airline with much less chance for recovery. Of course...
I agree, as now that I am retired it is something I might look into as a volunteer activity.
There is hope for him.  Tom Watson had a substance abuse problem (alcohol) and MARRIED another tour player's wife and he did OK.
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