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here it is for the newest golf season. all input is welcome!    
usually when i make good contact its square on the face, surprisingly enough.     i have the original Fujikura Blur that came with the club. Stiff flex. is it possible that i dont need the stiff and should maybe switch to a reg flex? my avg swing speed is 96-101     usually i break my tees and can not find them. what does this tell you?  
when i use my driver, my ball is lined up directly with my front foot, is that a problem?  
so heres the problem(maybe its not one?)   Here in Massachusetts majority of the golf courses i play at are fairly windy. so with me skying the ball off the tee is not helping me at all. i have a R11 with a 10.5 loft. i have lowered it to 9.5 and i still hit the thing straight in the air. i have lowered the ball on the tee so its maybe like a half inch off the ground. and again the ball just goes right up. any ideas of what could be going on? am i coming down too...
i second the hybrid..i take my five hybrid and make a swing like you would with the putter...be careful however because the ball jumps off the hybrids face and it is easy to lose control of the ball/...even on greenside rough this works well because it cuts through the grass nicely...ghalfarie says above me, it just takes some practice but you should be pleased with the results.
super glue your cut..my buddy does it before every round we play together and he says it doesnt bother him anynore
seriously though like i wonder if anyone has even bought this club..like is the technology good on it...if none of us have heard of it, it makes me think that it is complete horse s**t..like i believe it is real but whats the point...to tell your friends you have one...i mean i am mad when i get my R11 dirty i can imagine how i would feel to even get a ball scuff on this thing
haha thats a good point...what is in his bag anyway?
i agree that it is most likely shin splints..it occurs when your allignment is off in your legs. work on some upper and lower leg exercises and be sure to focus on the quads and ahmstrings as they can be causing the pain in your shins also
do you walk or ride during the round when you get the pain
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