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Great. I will try this out on the range.    Thanks again for your help.    Best regards, Frikki
Many thanks for your great advice Mike. This makes lot of sense.    Regarding my head movement comment in my post; This image shows what I was referring to.  
Hi    I have been playing for about 8 years and my handicap is 17-ish.   I know there are numerous faults with my swing.  :/ But the most destructive of the lot is my head & body movement towards to the ball on the backswing.    I can feel the balance shift forward but I can’t seam to fix this.   In the attached videos I was hitting the ball fairly straight.  But often I shank the ball vigorously.   Please help me.  This is literally driving me crazy!...
Praise the golfing gods
Welcome mr. Westwood!
  Ditto on that! :)
Go Tiger ;)
Colsaerts is dragging the wagon for Westwood!
Tom Watson   -  for the win   
  Make fun of him. Suggest boccia - golf is clearly to complicated sport for him  ;)
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