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Did the Bridgestone fitting also and was fitted to the B330s (105-110 swing speed). I then tried a bunch of similar profile balls on the course and in the end went to the Nike One Tour D. I would recommend a fitting as well to identify the right ball profile then compare like balls where you play.
No problem...Here ya go and at $100 less then I paid when it came out.   http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/clicgear-golf-3-push-cart.html 
In order of my opinion ($20 dollar range):   Top Flite Gamer v2 (best all around of the bunch IMO) TaylorMade Burner TP (close second - played this as my high handicap gamer but have since moved on to the TM TP Red / Nike One Tour D) Nike One Vapor Speed (Good ball for a soft course - long off the tee) Callaway Big Bertha Diablo (haven't played it but a lot of my buddies like'em a lot) Precept Laddie Xtreme (outstanding value - 2 dzn for $20! I broke 90 with...
+1 on the plastic golf glove keeper...I put my glove on it and seal it in a ziploc bag between rounds. Read it in some golf magazine somewhere and it works pretty good. I also use a cheap glove to practice with to preserve my gamer.
Try the Nike One Tour D - you can find them on ebay for $20-25 a dzn. It's soon to be replaced; however, it's a steal for a ball that was selling for $45 a dzn and if you like'em you can stock up (I bought 5 dzn for $100). They're super long off the tee and spin just as much as the one's you listed and if there is a drop-off it's minimal.
Here's the short list:   Nike One Tour D - just bought 5 dzn. on ebay for $20 each, a steal for a great ball...and due to be discontinued Taylormade TP Red - only 2 dzn. left, I hate that this ball was discontinued Bridgestone B330s - was fit for this ball at their fitting day Srixon Z Star - good ball but like the Tour D more because it's better off the tee   Looks like I'll be looking for a new ball in short order but did hear that TM may bring back the...
New Posts  All Forums: