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86.  ...but it felt more like a 96 because I just couldn't get the driver working...    On the positive side, I played quickly, finished in about 2:15, and I don't think anyone notice me show up late to work.
 It really is a short (not much over 6200 yards), walker-friendly course.  ...and this is Oklahoma, so it's flat - that helps too.  But I think Buckeye nailed it - there's no lollygagging going on here. It's literally, tee-off on 1, walk to the ball, hit the ball, walk to the ball, hit the ball... I've played it a lot and the decisions about clubs/yardage are easy.
18, walking, not rushing = 2:15. (But not pulling pins either.)   That said, my course is set up for walking (only one long walk from green to tee --- the clubhouse and practice area intervene between 9 and 10).   If I hurry, I can get just under 2:00.
87.   Worst round in... six months.  :(  And the weather was perfect - no excuses except lousy play on my part.
Damn. I thought you were talking about Aussie Rules Football.   Carn the Crow!
....I find them creepy - in an over-obsessed-stalker sort of way.
If I Win I'll choose the DTX Midsize Red grips to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!   1. Henrik Stenson -10 2. Victor Dubuisson -11 3. Zach Johnson -12
After about ten days of unseasonal snow, my e5's arrived just before a conference took me out of town for a week.  You know how some golf balls just look good in your hand? That's how the e5s were.  Well, at least as long as I kept their new chunky e5 logo pointed away from me.  Still, I couldn't wait to get out and try them on the course.   Flash-forward to this week, Spring Break, and I took a sleeve of e5s out for a comparison with the ProV1s that I most often play. ...
1) Handicap: in the single digits. 2) Driving: 6+ fairways per round. 3) Swing: get closer to an in-to-out swing path. 4) Clubs: get fit for clubs. 5) Rounds: more than 50 rounds for the year.
Not at all.   By the end of 18, I'm not sure I remember the shots on some holes from the front nine.
New Posts  All Forums: