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Thanks for posting - this has been fun to read.  I hope you'll discuss the 'competition' experience too. One of the (many!) problems I have with the game is that I keep forgetting what I *should* know -- especially when I'm eager to perform better.  (Put another way, repeated mistakes frustrate me because it seems like I have only myself to blame...)
44 + 42 = 86. No birdies.   34F at tee-off.  No one else on the course.  10-15 mph winds.  Clear.  ...beautiful.   Full round walking (not rushing) in 2:16.   Too many bogeys, but man did I have fun!
Your friend is right - look at the politics and policies about this.  It is going out of fashion!
Anyone who objects to using golf as a verb cannot call himself (or herself) a golfer since golfer is formed by adding -er to the verb golf.   Adding -er to a verb should give us a meaning like "one who verbs" (whatever the meaning of the verb is).  Worker -- one who works, walker -- one who walks, talker -- one who talks, golfer -- one who....   I'm always amused by people who object to golf as a verb.  ...that said, they are usually much more affluent than I am, so...
85.   ...set my personal speed record for playing 18 too... 1:46.  Walking.  (OK, I jogged down the fairway on a few holes.)   Nearly perfect day. Cold enough to keep the crowds away (below 40F) but sunny and not too much wind.   I could have played better though. Should have been 2-3 shots lower based on putting, I hit three trees (sorry trees), and two penalties.
I'd be interested. Of the e-series balls, the fitting recommends the e-6 more than the e-5.    
82.  A pretty crappy 44 on the front 9 followed by a 38 on the back 9.  Always enjoy it more when the scores get better (instead of worse) as the round progresses.   Oh, and 82 is pretty good for me!
1. Single digit handicap. (Technically, I achieved this in 2014, but my three best rounds are about to disappear. ...and my single digit handicap along with them.) 2. Get fit into irons. (I got fit into a putter in 2014.  Love it!) 3. Play over 51 rounds for the year. (I *almost* play weekly golf.) 4. Improve my driving to the point where I hit 50% of the fairways. (I am usually close to the fairway, but I only hit about 25%.) 5. Have fun.
Want! Want! Want!
80. And just about a perfect day. Almost no wind. 39F to start 55F by the finish. Only one guy out in front of me (and he let me by as soon as I caught up with him.)
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