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81.   My first good (for me) score this month.   Air temp right around 40. Sunny and 10-15 mph wind.  ...and almost no one out -- so I finished (without rushing) in 2:14!   That's about as good as it gets (without breaking 80, anyway...).
I'd like to get back to a single digit.   ...technically, I'm still a single digit, but I haven't been able to score under 85 in my past four rounds, and my four lowest scores from summer are coming up, so I expect to be a 12 by the end of January...   (To be honest, I would actually be happy with 50% fairways hit and better ball striking with my 6i and lower.)
Another 85.  Could have been much better.  Seven 3-putts. 
87.   And pissed off. Even par through 5 holes. One over through 7. Then a triple on 8.  ...and three triples on the back nine...   On the other hand, I finished the full round in 2:14 - walking.  That was nice.
No.   Too much.
  88.   Perfect weather. Perfect day. Perfectly horrible score.  Grrrr...
8.6.  Steady.  But four of my lowest rounds are about to be kicked out of my most recent 20.  I think I'll be above a 10 in about 5 rounds (unless I hit a couple of really low scores).
Lady Madonna - Love Psychedelico  (Just the short version - but you get the idea. This band is great!)
Eloise - the Damned  
81.    Another chip-in. ...but at least this time I hit 7 fairways (and several of my misses weren't bad at all).   Just under 40F at tee off - 60F by the end.  And the round was free too!
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