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Really enjoyed the Bill Russell interview - my favorite of the Feherty shows so far.  I'll keep watching.   The Haney stuff... I've watched it.  I keep hoping for it to become good, interesting, or insightful.  ...I don't know why I keep going back for more...  My reaction to the handicaps (I'm a self-calculated 15 - no official cap) is simply, "I hope my swing doesn't look that bad!"
Not me. I pull out the 3 wood and 'nail' another ballooning slice through the treeline...
84.   Two birdies -- I generally don't do that in one round.   Started par-par-par and thought I was on to something special (for me).  Ooops.  Can't think that!  Here comes a snowman!    
I've played one round with the 'evens' and another with the 'odds' (and I kept a putter for both).  My scoring didn't really change.  I think I would enjoy a round with only four clubs (putter, PW, 7, 5w) -- and maybe I'll try that out this Spring.
I'd use a 3-wood if I were more consistent with it. I use a 5-wood instead.   ...and only 3 wedges... (PW, 52, and 56)   ...and I usually carry only 12  clubs...   I sometimes add the 3-wood or a 3-hybrid in.    
Got mine today.   ...I'm thinking of waiting until the weather gets a bit warmer to try them out...
I use a push-cart primarily because I have a bad ankle that just gives out periodically (like today :( ). I like to keep any extra weight off it.  That said, I prefer to carry my bag.  I think it's easier to move around the course, and you don't have to deal with the extra gear.  The push cart makes it too easy to carry extra 'stuff' --- carrying always helped me keep it simple.   The push-cart is a close second though --- I actually dislike driving a cart.
I love the cold weather. Very few people play, and I can be through 18 in just over two and a half hours --- without rushing.   The courses in my area won't let you out until the greens are above freezing -- frost or not.  I always walk, and the coldest its been is 35 --- one day the windchill brought it into the teens, but the clubs and balls don't sweat, so they don't care about windchill.  I'm almost always warm (walking helps) by the time I finish the third...
Pretty condescending to imply that someone who only plays 20 rounds a year isn't passionate about the game. You can be passionate about more than one thing you know.  And just because golf isn't your #1 priority doesn't mean you aren't passionate about it.    You like to make things black and white don't you.  While there may be recreational players that don't care much about the game, there are also recreational players for whom the game means quite a lot.   Does it mean...
Quote: I wish I felt that way about 9-hole rounds, but I don't.    Typically, if I have a chance to play, but not enough time for 18, I go to the range ---- which I actually enjoy quite a bit.      
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