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Same driver. Different 3-wood.  60 wedge in CA, 58 in OK.  Putters are different too.
I do.   One set of Hogan BH-5 at home -- I usually take those to the range. (I play Apex Plus irons.)   One set at my family's place out in CA for trips out there. That way I don't have to travel with the clubs ever.   I picked the sets up new, but Hogan had been swallowed up by Callaway, so I got them on the cheap (about $180 per set, I think).   Both sets are 3-PW.  I don't think I'll ever do that again, but it's kind of nice right now.
I voted 1 in 10.  I might be better than that, but the ones I miss stick with me so much that it feels like 1 in 10.
Quote: The current exchange rate is about 1.5 Swedish PW to 1 American.
45 + 45 for 90, and I would have been really unhappy with it, but I played the 18th so well that I left the course with a smile. 
Something weird happened.   A few weeks ago, I shot 77. Then the next time out (about a week ago), I got all the lucky bounces, and managed a 73.   Got so excited I played the next day.   ...91. And again. ...86.   Apparently the world has been restored to order.
I guess I cheat more than I thought: --I never take out a flagstick when I'm playing alone, and I don't give myself any penalties for that. --I add a penalty stroke, but I never return to the tee box to hit a lost ball (so, I take the stroke and keep the distance...).  I'll often hit a provisional ball just in case though.     What's the flagstick rationale anyway? It might stop a fast-moving ball?  Is it supposed to help establish a line?  ???
86.   quadruple bogey to end it on 18.   ...otherwise it was a decent round for me. Hit more fairways than usual which was nice.
People should really play the correct bushes!  
Oh.  And if you like pubs and pub food, look up directions to the Britannia Arms in Aptos.    http://www.britanniaarmsaptos.com/   Nothing too special, but a good, relatively inexpensive place to eat (and a great beer selection) and not too far from Seascape at all.
New Posts  All Forums: