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Oh.  And if you like pubs and pub food, look up directions to the Britannia Arms in Aptos.    http://www.britanniaarmsaptos.com/   Nothing too special, but a good, relatively inexpensive place to eat (and a great beer selection) and not too far from Seascape at all.
I've played Seascape.  It's a fun/interesting course, and I think it would be a good one to play if you have the chance.  I generally don't like courses that are built close to homes because I hate hitting into people's houses --- that actually wasn't an issue with this course (for the most part).   A lot of the fairways run along valleys or between two hills.  This makes the course more forgiving than it appears at first because if you only just miss the fairway, you're...
Have you considered playing from off the tee boxes?  My uncle (better-than-scratch at the time) used to lengthen his usual course by teeing off behind the tee boxes on the holes that allowed for it.  Made the game a bit more challenging/different for him, and with the tee, you don't need the mowed teebox.  He had an understanding with the head pro - not sure how difficult that would be to arrange, but I bet you could *get away with it* if you only lengthened holes away...
I like Shoreline - just up the road from San Jose (Mountain View). The final 6 holes get a bit repetitive, but up until then it's great. And it's a muni that's relatively cheap (under $40 to walk on a weekday, I think).  Can get windy in the afternoons though -- mornings are better.   http://www.ci.mtnview.ca.us/city_hall/comm_services/shoreline_golf_links/
I really like this idea.
I'm not in a rush, I just can't stand the difference between how quickly I *can* play the game (well - not rushed), and how long it takes to *actually* play.   With no one in front of me, playing alone, and *not* rushing, I walk 18 at my local muni in 2 and 35 minutes (only just over 6000 yards).  I walk quickly, but I take a practice swing for my shots.  I don't 'stalk' my putts, but I do take more than a glance at the green.  When I play with someone else, we can...
Quote: Thanks for the suggestion!    Sadly, I checked with the local shop, and they wanted something like $400 to fit me to my current clubs -- they just tried to sell me on buying a new set.  I might try calling some places up in OKC, but $400 is a bit steep for me. 
My most recent four rounds: 94 -- black (tips) 77 -- whites (senior) 73 -- whites 91 -- black   The tees seems to make a big difference for me!  To be honest, I'm usually mid-80's from the whites and high 80's from the blues/blacks.  I my luck has been running running hot and cold recently.
I play a used set of Apex Plus irons (3-E) that I found at the local GolfUSA for $85.  I've never been fit for clubs, and I'd like to do that, but man-oh-man, I really like the Apex Plus!   And contrary to what people have posted above, I'm about a 14 handicap, and I find the clubs plenty-forgiving for me.   I wish they were still made.   I guess the question I'd want to ask the rest of the forum is this: what club that is currently made today, most resembles...
I typically don't care what people do, but it really annoyed me at the range the other day when a guy about 20' away used his ipad to play music loud enough for me to hear clearly.  He had a group of three other guys join him soon, so I didn't feel like complaining.  It didn't bother me/my swing/my practice, but it was annoying.   On the course, I guess I would just find it inconsiderate if it were loud enough for other golfers to hear. Otherwise, knock yourself out!
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