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BOOMER SOONER! I want a NC run, but I expect either 9-3 or 10-2.  ...especially after losing two key parts of the offensive line this week.  :(    I'm also a bit partial to Michigan - got family and friends with connections there.
None of the above.  I'm just inconsistent --- more of a 'wobbly top'. :)
I live in Oklahoma, but my family (and wife's family) is in the Bay Area, and I get out there about twice a year (and keep a bag out there).   I'll second Tilden and Shoreline -- I like those.   I've been thinking about going to Crystal Springs for a while. Heard good things, but I've never gone.   Oklahoma is flat, so I really enjoy playing Lake Chabot. If you haven't played there, you really should (at least once).  It's crazy vertical. (And 18 is a par-6...
My favorite ball is the Hogan Apex Tour.  I bought 24 on ebay for not too much (less that $2/ball) a while ago, and I really like them. I may try to track down some more of them. Anyone else ever play these?   --My family keep giving me ProV1s, so I have a bunch of those. --I won some Bridgestone RX-S's, so I have some of them. --I like the Srixon Soft-Feel.   I carry one of each of those in my bag -- plus an assortment of slightly used balls.  I start my...
This just shows that the ever-fluctuating exchange rate of real-world yards to internet-yards has risen to something like 1 to 1.4.
But isn't this the point?  As with civil rights / race 'debates' in the 60's, this *is* bigotry.  Is there a grey area for nuance there?  The anti-gay-marriage side certainly can't say, "You disagree with my opinion? Well, you're a hateful bigot."  What?  I guess "Well, you're a progressive, bleeding-heart liberal who cares about social justice!" just doesn't have quite the right ring to it...   The irony to me is that most of the 'christian' right that is supporting...
The first time I played: 9-hole par-3 course, and I shot 69. I'd never been to a range at that point, but I pured about three shots, and I was hooked. The first time I played a full-length course: 119.
85. First ever eagle!
I play a PW ('E' since it's an Apex Plus -- apparently 46), then I have a 52 and a 58 (which I rarely, rarely use).   I try to play as many wedge shots as I can with the 52, and I spend about a quarter of my range time just hitting the 52 to different distances (and despite spending all that time on it, I still have no consistency).  I'll use the 58 from the sand or if I have very little green to work with (and if I can't just bounce the ball on the green with a 9,...
I actually disagree with this.  In my view, golf is great because you get to achieve perfection 18 times!  The goal is to get the ball to the bottom of the cup, and on the last shot of every hole you achieve that --- that last shot is always perfect!   For the OP: if you want to feel good about the time you put into something, I'd suggest working for social justice.
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