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It's funny, but I always forget.  We meet up about two or three times a year, and I'm always excited to go out and play a round.  Usually ends up with me needing another few months to forget...    
I have a lot of family in the Bay Area, so I head there about twice a year, and I always try to play Lake Chabot. Very unique - love the par-6 18th!   ...though, in the spirit of this thread, I slice the ball OB on my second shot just about every time I play the 18th.  Funny thing is, it's so steep downhill, I'd probably get the ball to go almost as far using either  a PW or a 3-iron.  
Played Lake Chabot in Oakland two years ago after a couple of days with rain. Hit a drive pretty nicely and watched it land in the middle of the fairway --- then never found the ball.  It was embedded somewhere in the fairway.  That's a crappy penalty...   On a par 3, I hit some part of the hole (flagstick? cup?) and the ball bounced high over the back of the green and out-of-bounds.  Still the closest I've ever come to a hole-in-one, but... it kind of sucked.
Oosthuizen -12 Hunter Mahan -10 Schwartzel -9
Familiarity really does breed contempt.   My #1 peeve is exactly the 'flaw' in my regular playing partner. He is the line-it-up, four-practice-swings, oops!, step back, and start-over guy.  And yes, then he tops it or chunks it, and 35 yards later, we're doing the same thing again.  Drives me nuts.   My second biggest pet peeve is ...my brother.  He's the 'angry-golfer' guy.  He has the swing speed of a pro, so several times a round he hits absolutely amazing...
92 yesterday. 83 today.   Pretty pleased with today's round. 83 is good for me.
LOL - something like that happened to me over Christmas break. I was in Oakland and I got paired with two guys - a 50-something and a 70-something.  The older guy was called "Coach", and he said he'd had a hip replaced a little while back so he had trouble really hitting hard.  ...then he takes what looks like a 3/4 swing and knocks the ball about 240 yards to the middle of the fairway.  He said before the hip-replacement, he used to get close to 300.  Unreal.  The guy...
Right.  You do it *because* of the slow play of others!! (Well, I know the guy I usually play with will spend a bit of time on his putt, so I can usually find three or four in the vicinity of my ball.)
I'm always so disappointed that I didn't make a big enough ball mark to fix.  ...so I fix a few of the ones that I see nearby.  That said, today I think I left one on a green.  I hit the green from about 120 out, and couldn't find my ball mark.  (Seriously.)  So I fixed two old ones and moved along.  I'm sure it was right there in front of me --- but I couldn't find it.  (Or, perhaps, the ball just landed so softly that it didn't leave much of a mark at all?)   On...
83. That's good for me.   I usually hit about 3 or 4 fairways (only), but today I hit 8. That made me happy!
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