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Right.  You do it *because* of the slow play of others!! (Well, I know the guy I usually play with will spend a bit of time on his putt, so I can usually find three or four in the vicinity of my ball.)
I'm always so disappointed that I didn't make a big enough ball mark to fix.  ...so I fix a few of the ones that I see nearby.  That said, today I think I left one on a green.  I hit the green from about 120 out, and couldn't find my ball mark.  (Seriously.)  So I fixed two old ones and moved along.  I'm sure it was right there in front of me --- but I couldn't find it.  (Or, perhaps, the ball just landed so softly that it didn't leave much of a mark at all?)   On...
83. That's good for me.   I usually hit about 3 or 4 fairways (only), but today I hit 8. That made me happy!
Very pretty.   Sadly, I won't follow suit.   I would be afraid to take those to the range.  So I wouldn't pratice. So my swing would get worse and worse.   I'd better stick to the used clubs I pick up on the cheap that I'm more than happy to take to the range...  
Really enjoyed the Bill Russell interview - my favorite of the Feherty shows so far.  I'll keep watching.   The Haney stuff... I've watched it.  I keep hoping for it to become good, interesting, or insightful.  ...I don't know why I keep going back for more...  My reaction to the handicaps (I'm a self-calculated 15 - no official cap) is simply, "I hope my swing doesn't look that bad!"
Not me. I pull out the 3 wood and 'nail' another ballooning slice through the treeline...
84.   Two birdies -- I generally don't do that in one round.   Started par-par-par and thought I was on to something special (for me).  Ooops.  Can't think that!  Here comes a snowman!    
I've played one round with the 'evens' and another with the 'odds' (and I kept a putter for both).  My scoring didn't really change.  I think I would enjoy a round with only four clubs (putter, PW, 7, 5w) -- and maybe I'll try that out this Spring.
I'd use a 3-wood if I were more consistent with it. I use a 5-wood instead.   ...and only 3 wedges... (PW, 52, and 56)   ...and I usually carry only 12  clubs...   I sometimes add the 3-wood or a 3-hybrid in.    
Got mine today.   ...I'm thinking of waiting until the weather gets a bit warmer to try them out...
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