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I like my clicgear --- soild construction, good design.   My brother got a cheap-o cart.  Got frustrated, kicked it, and a little piece broke.  Game continued to go south, and he kicked the thing to pieces on the 17th hole.  Left the bits in a pile at the 18th tee box.    I don't think I could kick my clicgear into such distinct pieces like that....
Four dimples filled in in a line - morse code for "H"  (the initial for my last name).
Go Thunder!   ...I'm a Oklahoma resident, so I hope OKC win, but... man, I *do* feel bad for Seattle.  It just sucks to have your team moved - not much worse as a sports fan.
I don't quite play once a week (maybe more like 3-4 per month), but I do go to the range once (sometimes twice) a week.   I play by the rules, count every stroke, and don't take mulligans.    I only play the local muni - it's short and forgiving, and I usually break 90 (have only broken 80 3 times - only once from the tips).    When I visit relatives in CA, I play slightly more challenging courses and usually shoot in the low 90s, and I have rarely broken...
Plastic on the range. (---and never purchased -- just the abandoned ones I've found---) Wood on course. (I like the bamboo tees myself.)
74 in a best-ball two-some.  Pretty good for a two-some comprised of a 14 capper and a 30 capper!   Bottom line: had fun!
Thanks!  I'll definitely try the alignment stuff the next time I'm at the range.  ...and I *do* hit the ball high, and I *do* get much better results when I take a shorter backswing.  (I'm also sure that I'm coming over the top and swinging out--->in -- I do a bit to work on that, but I haven't had much luck carrying that over into a round.)   On a short-game related note:  I have been working on the 58 at the chipping green, but I think I'll follow the suggestion above...
Thanks for asking!   My aim isn't great, and I have really bad distance control --- especially on my 7-iron (anywhere from 140-165 yards).   I'm actually okay with the 8i-P on full shots, but under 100 yards, my game is incredibly inconsistent.  I've got a 70 yard shot and a 35 yard shot, but put me even 5 yards off those numbers, and whatever my brain tries to do to compensate is usually wrong.   Within 20 yards of the green, I'm likely to end up further from the pin...
My short game sucks.   ...but not as much as my driver!
Peter Hanson -15 Ian Poulter -13 Sang Moon Bae -12
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