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8.6.  Steady.  But four of my lowest rounds are about to be kicked out of my most recent 20.  I think I'll be above a 10 in about 5 rounds (unless I hit a couple of really low scores).
Lady Madonna - Love Psychedelico  (Just the short version - but you get the idea. This band is great!)
Eloise - the Damned  
81.    Another chip-in. ...but at least this time I hit 7 fairways (and several of my misses weren't bad at all).   Just under 40F at tee off - 60F by the end.  And the round was free too!
I love soccer - especially when played at a high level.   I loved playing soccer before injuries.  ...and soccer injuries took me to golf - which I also enjoy!   Having played makes it easier for me to appreciate how much skill the top players have, especially their touch and passing.   I also think NFL makes a great sofa sport (especially when you record it and can fast-forward through all the delays/commercials/etc.).   Soccer, on the other hand, is much better...
82.   ...but it should have been about 4 or 5 strokes higher - I chipped in twice (both for pars), and I missed all but one fairway (some by a whole lot).   ...40F when I teed off.  Finished in 2:15. :)
I've hit at a lit range -- it's really easy to see the ball in the light against a dark sky.  Kind of cool - and I'd love to try this out.   I've never tried the glow-balls either - that might be fun once or twice.
Definitely still looking for my first hole-in-one...   But I have a 270-300 yard par-4 (depending on where the tees are), and for three months out of the year it has a tailwind....  got a couple of eagles there.   I'm still under 5 total though.  :(
Soccer guy.   bigsoccer.com   I mainly just lurk in the 'USMNT' and 'YANKS ABROAD' forums.
83.  ...or about 50 more than the wind speed...   36 putts including a 4-putt. Yuck.   Drives were all over the place - from 175-290 (based mostly on the wind).   But it might have been the last warm day before winter and I had fun!
New Posts  All Forums: