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20-25 today.  Not too bad by Oklahoma standards, but any time it gets near to 20 (or above) it gets in my head.
87.   Not the best day for me.  Not the way I wanted to celebrate my first 'real' handicap in the single digits.    On the other hand, 20-25 mph winds made for some fun drives: two drives under 200yards, three in the 270s, and one that made it to 322 (!).  (FYI: I average ~240.)
8.7   20th round hit the card this revision, so this is my first 'real' handicap.  I had three good rounds back in summer that are keeping me at a single digit. Should go up to 12-13 by the time winter is through...   Happy to be a 'single digit'.  Not really believing it though.
Long day -- just getting back to this now.  Thanks for the replies all -- lots of good food for thought.   Long story short, I think it's time to start playing more courses (it's just so easy to stay close to home)! ...And to learn how to hit a drive reasonably straight!
Help me!   I want an accurate handicap, and I feel like for me to get one, I would need to start sandbagging since my course seems to be easier than its rating.   Seriously!*   Long story short: My course is easy, and whenever I go somewhere else, my scores suck. My course is making me look better than I am, and my handicap is not representative of my skill. I feel that my handicap would be more accurate if I were to enter scores as if I am playing more forward...
well... one more: I feel unlucky with 14 clubs in the bag, so I almost always play with only 13. I usually take out the 3-wood.
If you can find a course that is rated as being much more difficult than it actually is that will shave off a few strokes too!   ...I say this because I believe it to be true of my home course, and, at least in terms of my handicap, I think it makes a 3-4 difference.  There's no way I'm a single digit, but my handicap says I am...
...and total speculation on my part, but: Bishop was out of line, but for him to actually be fired, I think that says that his 'bosses' were already unhappy with him.  Maybe only in parts, but if they were anything more than content, I think he would have kept his job -- or, at the very least, it would have taken more time for him to lose his job. I'm guessing this was just the incident that allowed them to axe him - and not some 'out-of-the-blue' case of (very) poor...
 It seems to me that this makes for appropriate reading:https://medium.com/human-parts/douchebag-the-white-racial-slur-weve-all-been-waiting-for-a2323002f85d
83. I was up near 90 the last few times out, so that's good for me, but I thought I would be much happier - only three over through 9.  :(
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