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Not up to 20 scores posted yet, but it's looking like when I get to the 20th, I'll be somewhere around a 10 or 11...  (Currently 8.2)
I know someone who looks down on people who use golf as a verb in sentences like: "I like to golf." "I like to play golf," he says.  "Golf is not a verb!" And yet, he is happy to say something like, "He's a good golfer." I have always found this funny.   "Golfer" comes from "golf" + "-er" and means something like "someone who plays golf". English is confusing because lots of verbs and nouns look and sound the same: a dance (noun), to dance (verb), dancer (someone who...
My previous round ended poorly, but I still managed an 81. ...and the game today started where that one left off.  ...and I ended up with an 89.  :(
81.   That's normally a good score for me, but today, I finished +4 on the final three holes, so that left a bad taste in my mouth. I had a chance to do better, adn I choked.
Still haven't made it to 20 scores posted.  My 'faux' handicap is artificially high thanks to a few good rounds.  Today's 87 is more representative than my last outing's 78.
87 and I sucked.  Much worse than an 87.   3 penalties, hit a short layup almost 80 yards right of the target.... missed putts both sides of the cup, missed fairways on both sides (only hit ONE fairway)....   And worst of all, I don't get to play again until next Monday.  :(
Played a scramble - our foursome shot 66.  If it had been just me, it probably would have been mid-80s.
78.  And that is the first time I've been under 80 on a par-72.  (All the other times were at a par-70.)
84.   Only hit two fairways.  ...says something about how easy the course is...
1. 14 2. OK, CA, MI 3. Nothing
New Posts  All Forums: