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I plan to remain homeless.  ...though I do spend plenty of time day-dreaming about joining one of the four clubs nearby....
I have about ten ball marks. I won't use the same one two rounds in a row. And I organize them based on the score I shot with them - lowest score goes furthest to the right. (I tend not to use the ball marks on the left so much...)   I won't add up a score until the end of a round, and I prefer not to know my score while I play.  (I'm still bad enough that I usually have lost track before too long.)   I start every round with a new ball. If I lose it, I play an old...
Baseball. ...and I'm *not* a good putter. 
28.  Some Qs were hard because the only 'tournaments' I play are scrambles.
...zombie thread...
Golf is an addiction.   My favorites to play/watch are soccer and surfing.   ...I live in OK, so no surfing. ...I blew out my ankle, so no more competitive soccer. ...I also like watching college football up until Oklahoma loses to a crappy team.   That takes us right back to golf - my addiction and my current favorite sport to play. 
Not up to 20 scores posted yet, but it's looking like when I get to the 20th, I'll be somewhere around a 10 or 11...  (Currently 8.2)
I know someone who looks down on people who use golf as a verb in sentences like: "I like to golf." "I like to play golf," he says.  "Golf is not a verb!" And yet, he is happy to say something like, "He's a good golfer." I have always found this funny.   "Golfer" comes from "golf" + "-er" and means something like "someone who plays golf". English is confusing because lots of verbs and nouns look and sound the same: a dance (noun), to dance (verb), dancer (someone who...
My previous round ended poorly, but I still managed an 81. ...and the game today started where that one left off.  ...and I ended up with an 89.  :(
81.   That's normally a good score for me, but today, I finished +4 on the final three holes, so that left a bad taste in my mouth. I had a chance to do better, adn I choked.
New Posts  All Forums: