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81 and pretty happy about it.
82.*   Perfect weather.   *Crowded course - got stuck behind THREE(!) fivesomes (mostly the marshals, naturally), so I skipped ahead of them and made up my missing holes by playing a few holes twice.   Fun, fun, fun, but my slice is back.
86.   Totally up and down round.  The good: Two birdies.  A chance at an eagle.  A handful of pars... The bad:  QUAD.  Double after double after double... The UGLY: Three putted a chance at an eagle.
Thanks Aguirre and MS256 - that makes complete sense.  Now that I think about it, the holes at Westwood were relatively small diameter, and there was plenty of sand. I don't remember seeing any plugs on the greens either. Well swept and sanded.  Probably why things roll relatively straight there.  Your comment jogged my memory a bit - I remember playing another course that had been recently aerated, and it had massive plugs still lying on the green.  That *was* no fun - to...
Unless someone really has control of their distances, I hate it when people use their range-finder for nearly every shot. Even without pacing off distances, it's usually pretty easy to tell how far away you are within 5 yards or so, and no one I play with has accuracy to within 5 yards.  Every once in a while? Sure. Every shot?  ....pet-peeve.   I also like to play ready golf, and, apart from the tees, I hate it when my playing partners try to play 'honors'.   And...
Wow.... when I play aerated greens the putts are all super slow and they have less break, but they still roll pretty straight.  I wonder how much the variety of grass matters in that.   ...and on topic: we aerate in Spring and again in Fall.  It's a Muni, and they charge $12/round during the week after they aerate the greens.
81.   8 over through 9.  That's a nice finish for me!
87 and unhappy.   Two missed puts from inside 4 feet (one from inside 3 :( ) Crazy bad feeling swing and NO IDEA why. Slice has returned from vacation. 5-10 yards shorter than usual on most swings. kept it under bogey golf, but... it felt like a 105. 
I'm a huge fan of the ECCO golf shoes.  Super comfy. I actually bought a pair just to 'walk around' in. 
I'm playing with some Hogan Riviera wedges I found in eBay -- about $30 each after shipping.  I like them quite a bit.   I also have a "Hippo Golf" wedge - 52 degree.  I bought it new from Rockbottom (I don't think they have them anymore) for next to nothing. ...and I hate to admit this, but it's probably my go-to wedge.  I've thought of upgrading several times, but... it works well, and I'd rather spend the $$$ on other things.
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