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78.  And that is the first time I've been under 80 on a par-72.  (All the other times were at a par-70.)
84.   Only hit two fairways.  ...says something about how easy the course is...
1. 14 2. OK, CA, MI 3. Nothing
79!    That's a good score for me. And on any course other than my local muni, I would have shot in the 90s.  Only hit 4 fairways.
I lived in Catalonia for extended stretches in the past --- big Barcelona fan.  I just wish they hadn't signed Chompers this summer.  :( 
Fowler "You bring a certain cool factor to everything you do and might even take part in adventure sports in your spare time. Despite your youthful outlook on life, you have respect for tradition and are willing to work hard to get better at what you do."   West Coast (where I'm from) & motorcycle did it?   I certainly have zero 'cool factor', and I don't think I've ever had a youthful outlook, but I am willing to work hard to get better.   ...more fun than a...
87 and unhappy.    The scores of early summer have apparently headed south for the winter... a few months early. 
...that he plays golf?
My fitting was similar to what Eric describes, but there were two aspects of my fitting that did not measure up:   FIRST: Your Aim Bias Do not look up! Do not look at the laser dot on the backdrop, and do not ask your fitter where you're aiming.....Trust him and don't peek.   I tried not to peek, but it was too easy to see out of the corner of my eye.  Then, later in the process, my fitter started to encourage me to look at it.  I think he had decided on a particular...
http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/03/hey-parents-leave-those-kids-alone/358631/   That's a good read.  As a relatively new parent and a guy that grew up in the country.... I have mixed feelings about the degree of hovering that parents are 'supposed to do' these days.  I'd like to give my kids more freedom to fail and triumph on their own (and learn from it)...
New Posts  All Forums: