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1) I live in Oklahoma - golf year round.  Jan-Feb can be in the 30s but also as high as the 70s (rarely).  I play as long as they let me out.2) Yes. 3)  I got:#1 TOUR B330-S 50.00%#2 e6 50.00% Either one would be fine.  I'll send a PM.
OK... just a little nit to pick, but OU only had two losses. As for the selection of the Sooners over Oregon, I think you're right -- the Sugar Bowl probably felt that more Sooner fans would travel than Oregon fans.  That said, OU was still a top 10 team, and the claim that Oregon is a better team than OU?  Well, maybe. (...Of course, that's what everyone said about Alabama before the Sugar Bowl too.  )
And an 86 -- about where I can be happy.   ...Except I was playing with two single-digit players, so I got reminded just how much work is left before I even start striking the ball well...  Eegads, they were good.
And  92 this morning.   Must admit that I am more a 90's golfer than an 80's golfer. Even if I can occasionally put it all together.  Lost a lot of strokes putting today.
It's all the same - I've never met a club that I can't hit poorly or inconsistently.
..and promptly followed that up with a 94... 
Finally broke back into the 70's again with a 78.   Based on my driving, I didn't deserve it. Any course that punished you for missing a fairway would have had me grinding to beat 90 instead of 80.  That said, I hit the recovery shots, chips, and putts that I needed to.  Really fun day.
When I saw the title, my reaction was:   I'm so frustrated and want to quit work!   ...I need to play more golf!
Third round over 90 (91 today) in a row.  ....Hubris has come for me -- I was certain I'd be 80s at worst after I played a round in the 70s a few weeks ago.
I find that kind of funny because I took my 3-wood out of the bad a while back, and now I just play a 5-wood.  I think the next time I buy a club, I'll buy a 4-wood. I mean.... take your medicine.  Knock it back on the fairway and hit a short iron/wedge.  My guess is you've got the angle to hit it somewhere near 100 yards out, right?  That's where I'd aim since I can take a full swing with my 52 if I'm in the 95-105 range.  Further out, a pitching wedge (or a 9i if you...
New Posts  All Forums: