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88.   Could have been worse, should have been better. Hit some great drives today. Otherwise... pretty bad game.  Several three-putts.   ...Oh well.  Can't wait for next time.
Stretch... wtf!  what the hell was that!?   Me: English.   ...and I can shoot the $hit in Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, and, minimally, French.  I've also studied Comanche and Cherokee.  Go figure.   I like languages, but, sadly, I'm not fluent-fluent in anything.  ...even English!
80.  Birdie on 18 would have been so much more fun if it had been for a 79, but I had 3 birdies in the round, and I've never had more than that. So... all in all, a great round for me.
The Two Escobars The Best That Never Was ....those are my two favorites.  I also really You Don't Know Bo, and Pony Excess.
83.  A good score for me, but I ended up bogey, triple, bogey, bogey, so, you know, I didn't exactly leave in a good mood.  ....should of seen me at the turn though!  :)
Got mine done.   http://thesandtrap.com/products/bridgestone-golf-2014-tour-b330-s-golf-balls-pack-of-12/reviews/4837
3-E Hogan Apex Plus Irons --- from the Spalding era, so 1999 or earlier. Not sure how old because I bought them used.   I also have a Hogan C455 5-wood. I think that one is only around 10-12 years old though.
When I'm at home, I either show up at the course as a single (60-70%) or play with my neighbor (30-40%). When I'm visiting family, I play alone or with my brother.
83.   And I'm pleased with that because I actually putted terribly and didn't really play as well as I should. 
Key #1: Steady Head My Score: .75 I wonder how this might change if I were to watch video of myself.   Key #2: Weight Forward My Score: 0.5 I think that I have good weight forward at impact but I have a lot of hip movement (I think).   Key #3: Flat Left Wrist My Score: .25 This is just a guess  -  I think I do okay here, but I don't know.   Key #4: Diagonal Sweetspot Path My Score: 0 My path is diagonal... but it is dramatically outside-in.   Key #5:...
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