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7i   I am okay with the 6i and 5i off a tee, but not consistent from the fairway.  The 7i, on the other hand, I'm usually okay with whether off a tee or from the fairway.
Specifics?  This is what worked for me:   1. Pick one wedge, and use it for ALL your shots near the green (unless you really, really need to use something else). -I used to mix and match a couple of 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 wedges into the bag and I'd hit shots with anything from a 58 to a 5-iron. ...and I sucked at all of them.  Then I decided to just pick one wedge and really try to learn it. I picked the 52 (and I use the 58 from sand).  For anything 100yds or less, I...
Late to the thread and ignoring the direction it took.   I voted "Yes", but primarily because of the inclusion of "really".   A bogey doesn't bother my round. A double might - depending on how I 'earned' it. A triple or higher would definitely affect my round --- certainly my enjoyment of the round. It might not have much affect on my overall score though.   I almost never get birdies or eagles (#1 is a par 5), so... no idea if a really good score would help! ...
I just got a handicap.  I only have eight rounds in so far, so only two count, and I've had my two best rounds of the summer, so... my (vanity) handicap is 7.1 and my anti-cap is 14.4 for a diff of 7.3.   ...by the time I get 20 rounds in, I think my anti-cap will probably be closer to 16, and my handicap will probably be around 12 or 13.  I still have a lot of variation in scoring, so I expect a difference of 5-6.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls.   1. Ricky Fowler -13 2. Blixt, Jonas -13 3. Larrazabal, Pablo -14
I'm interested to know what they are, and, depending on what they are, I might be *very* interested.
Are they Apex Plus irons? Edge Pro?   Can I have them?      
I hate to say this (because I really want to believe the hype), but I think Oklahoma is going to be overrated this year.  The schedule is not a killer, and they'll start with a higher ranking than they deserve just because they beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  If they stay healthy they have a chance to be okay, but there is little depth, and a bunch of skill just graduated/left.   ...I'll still be glued to every game though!
78.   And I didn't play particularly well --- just scored well. -only hit one fairway (9 GIR) -one three-putt, one one-putt, 16 two-putts   I don't go below 80 often, so I'm pretty stoked! 
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