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...that he plays golf?
My fitting was similar to what Eric describes, but there were two aspects of my fitting that did not measure up:   FIRST: Your Aim Bias Do not look up! Do not look at the laser dot on the backdrop, and do not ask your fitter where you're aiming.....Trust him and don't peek.   I tried not to peek, but it was too easy to see out of the corner of my eye.  Then, later in the process, my fitter started to encourage me to look at it.  I think he had decided on a particular...
http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/03/hey-parents-leave-those-kids-alone/358631/   That's a good read.  As a relatively new parent and a guy that grew up in the country.... I have mixed feelings about the degree of hovering that parents are 'supposed to do' these days.  I'd like to give my kids more freedom to fail and triumph on their own (and learn from it)...
...only one club?  My Edel putter.   Otherwise, I am also very happy with my Apex Plus irons. 
7i   I am okay with the 6i and 5i off a tee, but not consistent from the fairway.  The 7i, on the other hand, I'm usually okay with whether off a tee or from the fairway.
Specifics?  This is what worked for me:   1. Pick one wedge, and use it for ALL your shots near the green (unless you really, really need to use something else). -I used to mix and match a couple of 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 wedges into the bag and I'd hit shots with anything from a 58 to a 5-iron. ...and I sucked at all of them.  Then I decided to just pick one wedge and really try to learn it. I picked the 52 (and I use the 58 from sand).  For anything 100yds or less, I...
Late to the thread and ignoring the direction it took.   I voted "Yes", but primarily because of the inclusion of "really".   A bogey doesn't bother my round. A double might - depending on how I 'earned' it. A triple or higher would definitely affect my round --- certainly my enjoyment of the round. It might not have much affect on my overall score though.   I almost never get birdies or eagles (#1 is a par 5), so... no idea if a really good score would help! ...
I just got a handicap.  I only have eight rounds in so far, so only two count, and I've had my two best rounds of the summer, so... my (vanity) handicap is 7.1 and my anti-cap is 14.4 for a diff of 7.3.   ...by the time I get 20 rounds in, I think my anti-cap will probably be closer to 16, and my handicap will probably be around 12 or 13.  I still have a lot of variation in scoring, so I expect a difference of 5-6.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls.   1. Ricky Fowler -13 2. Blixt, Jonas -13 3. Larrazabal, Pablo -14
I'm interested to know what they are, and, depending on what they are, I might be *very* interested.
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