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Like MS256, I didn't start until after 35, so... naturally! I'm in my 40s and have been playing for about 5 years.  I have improved more in the past two years than in the three years before that.
Whooo-hoooo!!!! 78!    It's been a while since I broke 80, so I'm stoked.  Extra-happy because it was 15-20mph windy out there too.
 Fair enough - and I'll agree with you in principle. If there's only one guy, then sure, I think it could work out like you describe, and obviously, a guy who can hit the fairway and decide on his shot as he drives up to the ball in a cart will play faster than someone walking and doing the same. No debate from me there. ...but while you may make decisions that way, and you may be able to drive your cart right up to the ball and take a quick smack at it and be off...
Quicker decision making would speed up play.  For reasons other have mentioned above, fewer clubs would not necessarily translate into quicker decisions.   For me, walking actually speeds up decision making. As I'm walking up to my shot, I can start to see the yardages, and by the time I'm 50 yards away, I've usually figured out what I'm going to do. If not, I'm debating between two clubs, and that debate is usually over by the time I get to the ball.  Pull club,...
92.   I really need to improve my game in the wind.  That said, it was windy enough to blow the ball off the tee today.  The wind added a about an inch or two of break (depending on the gusts) to every 3-4 feet of putt, and I never compensated or got it right.   ...didn't really satisfy my urge to play golf - I want to play even more right now, but I have to wait until next week...
1. Hidekii Matsuyama -12 2. Ryan Moore -9 3. Michael McCoy -11   I'm happy with those picks too. 
84.   Two birdies made it a bit better.   Three three-putts, a penalty, and a trees-to-trees sequence made it a lot worse.   +10 thru 9, so I managed a good second nine at +4 (par 70). That's always nicer than the reverse situation!   And only 10mph winds.  Nice!
88.   Could have been worse, should have been better. Hit some great drives today. Otherwise... pretty bad game.  Several three-putts.   ...Oh well.  Can't wait for next time.
Stretch... wtf!  what the hell was that!?   Me: English.   ...and I can shoot the $hit in Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, and, minimally, French.  I've also studied Comanche and Cherokee.  Go figure.   I like languages, but, sadly, I'm not fluent-fluent in anything.  ...even English!
80.  Birdie on 18 would have been so much more fun if it had been for a 79, but I had 3 birdies in the round, and I've never had more than that. So... all in all, a great round for me.
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