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$12.99 after tax to walk 18.  It's the 'Monday' special at the local muni. 
All of the above wasn't an option....  so I picked 'Trouble off the tee'. 
I'm relatively new to the game -- fourth year -- and I still don't have a good sense of feel for my clubs. About two years ago, I started playing and practicing almost exclusively with a 52. I've got a 58 I use for sand and the occasional odd shot.  I *have* started to develop a sense of feel for the 52, and I kind of like using only one wedge.  (Well, ....okay..., it's really two.)
Dustin Johnson -11 Paul Lawrie -11
Depends on the rule.   If I think I might not find a ball after a shot (usually off the tee), I'll hit a provisional, but sometimes, you just get to where you think your ball is, and it's gone.  In that case, I don't do the 'stroke AND distance' thing and walk back and hit another. I just give myself a penalty and take a drop (and the distance).
I have developed a few pet peeves of course design.   I like to walk, so I prefer a course that has easy transitions from greens to tees.   I also like courses where each hole has a different feel --- where no two holes are too similar.   I also want courses that provide, at the least, 200, 150, and 100 yard markers.    Like the OP, I also prefer a course where I need to use most of the clubs in my bag.   Finally, I like there to be a good mix of...
I carry 12.   I could probably carry only 9 and play pretty much the same game.   I could get to 8 if I dropped the driver.  I'd probably do just about as well with a 4 wood off the tee.   ...but I carry 12.
A bit dated, but:
Several.  Lake Chabot, in Oakland, doesn't do too well with the wet.  Playing there in December two years ago, my brother and I both lost multiple shots (all drives from elevated tees) that plugged in the fairway.  Hit the middle of the fairway, and you just can't find the ball if it plugs.
1. Brandt Snedeker  -6 2. Matteo Manassero -7 3. Ben Crane -5
New Posts  All Forums: