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When I saw the title, my reaction was:   I'm so frustrated and want to quit work!   ...I need to play more golf!
Third round over 90 (91 today) in a row.  ....Hubris has come for me -- I was certain I'd be 80s at worst after I played a round in the 70s a few weeks ago.
I find that kind of funny because I took my 3-wood out of the bad a while back, and now I just play a 5-wood.  I think the next time I buy a club, I'll buy a 4-wood. I mean.... take your medicine.  Knock it back on the fairway and hit a short iron/wedge.  My guess is you've got the angle to hit it somewhere near 100 yards out, right?  That's where I'd aim since I can take a full swing with my 52 if I'm in the 95-105 range.  Further out, a pitching wedge (or a 9i if you...
Super easy.  3-wood.  Aim at the tree on the right edge of the water on the left (you should have a clear shot at it -- just to the left of the clump of trees in front of you) and let your amazingly natural slice bring the ball right up to the green.  Easy birdie opportunity!
 My problem is that I have at least one - usually two - blow-up holes per round.  I'm a single-digit player for the other 16-17 holes.    I almost never get to play on the weekend, so that must have been my brother. Actually, he's the 'sucker' that hits the ball long.  If he ever played 'smart', he'd be a single digit.Never played Stableford....  I kind of just like counting up to my own ineptitude - nothing to mask the warts, so to speak.
....Looks like you really have only one option - play it like a series of three par-3s.   I would probably play it like this:1) Slice 5-wood or hybrid into the pond off the tee. 3rd shot takes you about 200 yards off the tee.2) Skull next shot into the stream/run-off. 6th shot puts you in the rough just behind a tree on the left side. Yup, you played for a slice/fade, but you sort of pulled it instead.3) Your attempt at the hero shot around the bush fails so badly that you...
Sob story?  Not really, but...   I don't understand why I keep making the same stupid mistakes!  Several times a round, I find myself watching some lousy shot (again), and I'm thinking to myself, "Stop over-swinging!"  The next 7-10 shots are fine, and suddenly I'm lashing out at the ball again.  For some reason, I just keep wanting to hit the ball as hard as I fricken can even though I know I hit it better, more consistently, and (usually) even longer with a controlled...
92.  I followed every good shot with a miserable one.  My putting was fine - irons terrible.  
I scored a craptacular 91.      ...but at least I parred my nemesis - the 18th.
My putter set-up is changing soon -- just got fit for a putter (should arrive at the end of the week). My hope is that the new putter will be my one-and-only for years and years to come.   ...sort of.   I currently have four putters: the putter that came with the Top-Flite set I bought when I was first starting a few years ago, a Hogan/Bettinardi putter I currently use, and two el-cheapo's that I keep in CA (I have two full bags in CA so I don't have to fly with clubs...
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