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I mostly play Chabot because it's only 20 minutes away, but I've played Tilden a few times now.  Really fun, but I always lose a few in the trees...
I didn't play today either, and I'm bummed.   My fault - I looked at the weather radar before driving to the course. Radar made it look like a massive thunderstorm half the size of the state was coming up - in reality, it drizzled for an hour and a half and then gave way to a light rain with no lightning at all.  If I'd just driven to the course, I could have played.  Would have gotten wet, but I could have played.   ...What an idiot.
Soccer - same here. Mostly though, I just gave up feeling sorry for myself. I had always surfed and played soccer.  Then I took a job in Oklahoma - no surfing.  After two years, my ankle just self-destructed (one ankle-sprain too many), and I couldn't do anything more than walk without getting a swollen ankle and needed crutches for 2-3 days --- no soccer. So I felt sorry for myself. ...until my neighbor finally convinced me to borrow his son's clubs and play a round with...
I live in Oklahoma. Wind is the only option.   ...seriously though, I love days with no wind.  I probably don't score any better though -- and it bugs me because I figure I don't have the built in excuse: "Well, it was kinda windy today, so I guess my score isn't bad at all."
Yes, I've put myself under the same orders.  (The compressed disk in my neck helps keep me from overswinging sometimes too.) I studied linguistics at UCSD.  ...but mostly I went surfing (I didn't quite manage to surf everyday) or on study abroad (three times - Mexico, Spain, and, ummm, New Hampshire).
!!I hope your ear heals up soon.  I'm 5% & 10% away from having my ear canals close up completely (surfer's ear ), so I get an infection any time I surf two days in a row (most vacations out to CA).  Ear infections suck - hope it's not too painful. Also, went to school at UCSD -- loved surfing down there (though I mostly surfed at Blacks Beach or north of there...)
Ear = surfer's ear?  That sucks.Then again, try being someone who likes surfing but lives in Oklahoma...  At least the golf is cheap!Oh.. where are these amazing monstrous waves?  Bates beach - just north of Rincon Point (I grew up about an hour north of there). This was summer and the point wasn't breaking so I paddled out on my buddy's 11-footer! Not great surf, but it turned into a really fun day anyway.
    From back when I lived in California.   :(  I miss those days living as a hobo surfer...
Tilden Steam Train - NICE!  I go there about twice a year with the kids when visiting family in Oakland. You play Tilden too?
I'll add a third voice to the Lake Chabot par-6.  It's a fun hole - looks more like a ski-slope in summer to me.  It's slightly downhill for about 250 yards, and then it takes a steep dive straight downhill for the next 250-300 yards.  The last 80-90 yards are straight uphill again.  If you can hit it further than 250 on the drive, you've got a chance to get a good bounce and roll down the hill.  If you can hit driver over 260, chances are you could hit 3-wood far enough...
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