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I need the exercise. (I walk.)     ...and I'm an addict.
I like to focus on a blade of grass about half an inch to an inch in front of the ball.  ...at least, that's what I try to do. I catch myself 'ball-watching' a lot  with the driver.
I'm not any of them, but I play with the guy who walks across your line a lot.  ...and I'm often paired with "old dude".   I would be "the guy who forgets to be social because I'm too interested in just playing golf."
Labor Day.  96.   ...and my previous round, the week before, was a 78.   Biggest problem is that I suck.  Next biggest problem was hitting three balls in the water and one OB.
78.   Bet round in about 14 months, and it could easily have been lower - I left three birdie putts about two inches from the hole.  Of course, if I'm going to play that game, ...it could have been worse too... I nailed about three putts from 10-12 feet. I almost never make those.
Quote: Lake Chabot is the course I *always* play when I'm out there. Super hilly, and it has that par-6 ski-slope of a hole to close it out on the 18th. ...and it's only 20 min from where I stay (in-laws). LOVE it!    And to keep on-topic.  I've never broken 80 there. (In fact, I've only ever broken 80 on my super-easy, forgiving, home course -- the one that kills me on the 18th...)
Quote: Who cares about the math -- bogey is better.  ...But I really should be able to par that hole as often as not.  Oh well.   On another note: your profile says Bay Area - which part?  I spend a week or so in Oakland twice a year.  Love to play the hilly courses since everything is pretty flat here.
Oh. And I bogeyed the hole for an 80 on Monday.   At least it was an improvement over the previous two rounds.
The hole is easy for someone who can hit the ball even relatively straight - I just choke.   Here is the long version.   420 yard par-4. OB down the left for about 290 yds - trees on the right from about 200 to 280 yards out. But get this, the landing area has to be about 60 yards wide -- plenty big.   First shot: just hit the fairway - a 240-250 yard drive (about what I hit) leaves you with only 170-180 for a second shot.    For the second shot, the fairway pinches in...
Ha.     My last two rounds out, I would have broken 80 with a bogey on 18.   ...Shot snowmen both times...     (trees-->water the first time, OB--->water the second time --- bleccchhh)     I *have* shot under 80 (78, 73, 79), so I don't have to worry about the number, but I play a short, totally open course  -- super easy.  (Or, at least, it should be --- I'm in the 90s as often as the 80s these days.)   I am happier now if I'm playing consistent golf (no...
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