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A bit dated, but:
Several.  Lake Chabot, in Oakland, doesn't do too well with the wet.  Playing there in December two years ago, my brother and I both lost multiple shots (all drives from elevated tees) that plugged in the fairway.  Hit the middle of the fairway, and you just can't find the ball if it plugs.
1. Brandt Snedeker  -6 2. Matteo Manassero -7 3. Ben Crane -5
95.   Worst round in a while.  Lots of wind, but my bad shots weren't bad because of the wind.
I use Hogan Apex Plus Irons (3-PW; Spalding era) and I use a 58 Riviera Wedge and a C-455 5-wood. I also put with a Hogan BHB11 ('The Hawk') putter.   They are my everyday clubs, and I *really* like them.  ...wish I could buy a brand new set, but I'll probably buy a new set in two years or so. (New putter first.)
UC San Diego - go Tritons! (undergrad) & UC Santa Cruz - go Slugs!  (grad)
Guess, grab, & go.   Take a guess at how the wind will affect your shot, stick with your gut instinct, grab the club you decide on, and go.   And don't 'over'.  Don't over-think it. Don't over-compensate. Don't over-swing.   Lot's of wind out here in Oklahoma...
A forgiving 3-wood?   I'd try a 4-wood.  
Played in a scramble.  We managed a 68.  Not bad for three guys in the 14-25 range.   I had three *excellent* shots too (two 270-ish drives, and one low hook from behind a tree nearly onto the green) --- very fun day.
I want in on this!   I only play golf because I blew out my ankle and couldn't play soccer anymore.  Of course, I'm a full blown golf addict now, so...
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