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95.   Worst round in a while.  Lots of wind, but my bad shots weren't bad because of the wind.
I use Hogan Apex Plus Irons (3-PW; Spalding era) and I use a 58 Riviera Wedge and a C-455 5-wood. I also put with a Hogan BHB11 ('The Hawk') putter.   They are my everyday clubs, and I *really* like them.  ...wish I could buy a brand new set, but I'll probably buy a new set in two years or so. (New putter first.)
UC San Diego - go Tritons! (undergrad) & UC Santa Cruz - go Slugs!  (grad)
Guess, grab, & go.   Take a guess at how the wind will affect your shot, stick with your gut instinct, grab the club you decide on, and go.   And don't 'over'.  Don't over-think it. Don't over-compensate. Don't over-swing.   Lot's of wind out here in Oklahoma...
A forgiving 3-wood?   I'd try a 4-wood.  
Played in a scramble.  We managed a 68.  Not bad for three guys in the 14-25 range.   I had three *excellent* shots too (two 270-ish drives, and one low hook from behind a tree nearly onto the green) --- very fun day.
I want in on this!   I only play golf because I blew out my ankle and couldn't play soccer anymore.  Of course, I'm a full blown golf addict now, so...
Well that explains it!   I've been hitting half a club too long with my PW-7 iron.  ...almost exactly what this says I hit.    Maybe my mental yardage is off?   :)
86.   First round in about five, six weeks.  Went +11 through the first 9, then got it to +5 through the back 9.  Pretty pleased, but my over the top move has returned with a vengeance.  :(
I live in Norman -- let me know if you pass through here.  I usually play the muni -- not OU (I'm happy with Westwood, and I'm cheap too).  The OU course *is* nice though.  ...as is "The Trails".  Personally, I don't really like "The Links" which is on the border between Norman and Noble.   ...I'm also heading up to Tahlequah in a few days for a conference. I don't think I'll have time to play, but if I had time to sneak away for a few holes, where would you recommend?
New Posts  All Forums: