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89. ...And I sucked - hardly hit a shot the way I planned it. On the other hand, I was the first guy on the course, and I got around in 2:10 without rushing. (Just: hit the ball, walk to the ball, hit the ball.)
87. Could easily have been an 81. ...or a 91.   One triple.  Otherwise, just a bunch of bogeys - very few pars.
87.  Snowman on 18.   :(   Oh well. Can't wait to play the next round!
Hah!  I started playing golf after the umpteenth sprained ankle from soccer.  (Ended up needing surgery to repair the ligaments.)  It took me about two years - maybe three before I even gave golf a try.  As soon as I did, I was hooked.  Just keep asking.  Eventually, they'll say, "Yes." and if they have a bit of athletic ability, chances are they'll hit one or two shots well and be hooked.
I need the exercise. (I walk.)     ...and I'm an addict.
I like to focus on a blade of grass about half an inch to an inch in front of the ball.  ...at least, that's what I try to do. I catch myself 'ball-watching' a lot  with the driver.
I'm not any of them, but I play with the guy who walks across your line a lot.  ...and I'm often paired with "old dude".   I would be "the guy who forgets to be social because I'm too interested in just playing golf."
Labor Day.  96.   ...and my previous round, the week before, was a 78.   Biggest problem is that I suck.  Next biggest problem was hitting three balls in the water and one OB.
78.   Bet round in about 14 months, and it could easily have been lower - I left three birdie putts about two inches from the hole.  Of course, if I'm going to play that game, ...it could have been worse too... I nailed about three putts from 10-12 feet. I almost never make those.
Quote: Lake Chabot is the course I *always* play when I'm out there. Super hilly, and it has that par-6 ski-slope of a hole to close it out on the 18th. ...and it's only 20 min from where I stay (in-laws). LOVE it!    And to keep on-topic.  I've never broken 80 there. (In fact, I've only ever broken 80 on my super-easy, forgiving, home course -- the one that kills me on the 18th...)
New Posts  All Forums: