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3-E Hogan Apex Plus Irons --- from the Spalding era, so 1999 or earlier. Not sure how old because I bought them used.   I also have a Hogan C455 5-wood. I think that one is only around 10-12 years old though.
When I'm at home, I either show up at the course as a single (60-70%) or play with my neighbor (30-40%). When I'm visiting family, I play alone or with my brother.
83.   And I'm pleased with that because I actually putted terribly and didn't really play as well as I should. 
Key #1: Steady Head My Score: .75 I wonder how this might change if I were to watch video of myself.   Key #2: Weight Forward My Score: 0.5 I think that I have good weight forward at impact but I have a lot of hip movement (I think).   Key #3: Flat Left Wrist My Score: .25 This is just a guess  -  I think I do okay here, but I don't know.   Key #4: Diagonal Sweetspot Path My Score: 0 My path is diagonal... but it is dramatically outside-in.   Key #5:...
Don't you think there won't be a direct correlation?  I mean, isn't this just personality stuff?  For me, my enjoyment is linked completely to my perception of how good I am, AND the way I'm scoring.  When I was starting, and almost always over 100, I really enjoyed rounds where I scored in the 90s. Now that I have played regularly in the 80s, I get a little bit disappointed ever time I realize that I'm not going to be in the 70's. One of the times I got in the 70's, I was...
To the OP: I got to play Seascape a few times about two years ago.  Fun course and more forgiving than it looks - so many holes run down valleys, so the hillsides can often help push wayward balls back towards the fairway. That was a bonus for me!   In terms of sub-$50 faves, I really like the front 9 at Shoreline.  Every hole has a different feel.  The back nine?  Well, three or four holes are a bit repetitive, but overall, I think it's a good deal and a fun...
Lake Chabot GC in Oakland CA  (http://www.lakechabotgolf.com/) Has a Par 6 18th. Has a blind Par 3 9th hole that must be over 100yds straight down - you can't see the green from the blue tees (but you can see across the Bay). (Used to have a periscope on the 14th to check if the fairway was clear - sadly, that's gone now.)   ...I LOVE that course....  Play it about five times a year.   (Plus, it's super hilly, which I don't get at all in Oklahoma.)
1) I live in Oklahoma - golf year round.  Jan-Feb can be in the 30s but also as high as the 70s (rarely).  I play as long as they let me out.2) Yes. 3)  I got:#1 TOUR B330-S 50.00%#2 e6 50.00% Either one would be fine.  I'll send a PM.
OK... just a little nit to pick, but OU only had two losses. As for the selection of the Sooners over Oregon, I think you're right -- the Sugar Bowl probably felt that more Sooner fans would travel than Oregon fans.  That said, OU was still a top 10 team, and the claim that Oregon is a better team than OU?  Well, maybe. (...Of course, that's what everyone said about Alabama before the Sugar Bowl too.  )
And an 86 -- about where I can be happy.   ...Except I was playing with two single-digit players, so I got reminded just how much work is left before I even start striking the ball well...  Eegads, they were good.
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