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Unless someone really has control of their distances, I hate it when people use their range-finder for nearly every shot. Even without pacing off distances, it's usually pretty easy to tell how far away you are within 5 yards or so, and no one I play with has accuracy to within 5 yards.  Every once in a while? Sure. Every shot?  ....pet-peeve.   I also like to play ready golf, and, apart from the tees, I hate it when my playing partners try to play 'honors'.   And...
Wow.... when I play aerated greens the putts are all super slow and they have less break, but they still roll pretty straight.  I wonder how much the variety of grass matters in that.   ...and on topic: we aerate in Spring and again in Fall.  It's a Muni, and they charge $12/round during the week after they aerate the greens.
81.   8 over through 9.  That's a nice finish for me!
87 and unhappy.   Two missed puts from inside 4 feet (one from inside 3 :( ) Crazy bad feeling swing and NO IDEA why. Slice has returned from vacation. 5-10 yards shorter than usual on most swings. kept it under bogey golf, but... it felt like a 105. 
I'm a huge fan of the ECCO golf shoes.  Super comfy. I actually bought a pair just to 'walk around' in. 
I'm playing with some Hogan Riviera wedges I found in eBay -- about $30 each after shipping.  I like them quite a bit.   I also have a "Hippo Golf" wedge - 52 degree.  I bought it new from Rockbottom (I don't think they have them anymore) for next to nothing. ...and I hate to admit this, but it's probably my go-to wedge.  I've thought of upgrading several times, but... it works well, and I'd rather spend the $$$ on other things.
Like MS256, I didn't start until after 35, so... naturally! I'm in my 40s and have been playing for about 5 years.  I have improved more in the past two years than in the three years before that.
Whooo-hoooo!!!! 78!    It's been a while since I broke 80, so I'm stoked.  Extra-happy because it was 15-20mph windy out there too.
 Fair enough - and I'll agree with you in principle. If there's only one guy, then sure, I think it could work out like you describe, and obviously, a guy who can hit the fairway and decide on his shot as he drives up to the ball in a cart will play faster than someone walking and doing the same. No debate from me there. ...but while you may make decisions that way, and you may be able to drive your cart right up to the ball and take a quick smack at it and be off...
Quicker decision making would speed up play.  For reasons other have mentioned above, fewer clubs would not necessarily translate into quicker decisions.   For me, walking actually speeds up decision making. As I'm walking up to my shot, I can start to see the yardages, and by the time I'm 50 yards away, I've usually figured out what I'm going to do. If not, I'm debating between two clubs, and that debate is usually over by the time I get to the ball.  Pull club,...
New Posts  All Forums: