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I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   1. Keegan Bradley -11 2. Ernie Els -11 3. Hunter Mahan -11
Ummm.... "Hit the ball"  ???   Actually, I mostly just try to limit myself to only ONE swing thought.  Too many thoughts is problematic.   I usually try to get myself to think: "Swing smooth, not hard."
Is there a hole that....  Wait?  "a" hole?    ...just one? 
Pushcart -- ClicGear 3.0.Carrying a bag isn't bad, but I like being able to load up my bag with all sorts of extra crap (rain gear, water, extra balls, sunscreen, etc.). If I were carrying, that would be a pain. Pushing? No problem.
I got to test-drive some Bridgestone balls through TheSandTrap.  They were a few yards shorter off the tee than I expected (not much - just a little), but the had good spin and held greens well.  I also found it easier to control the flight of the ball - ProV1 (and ProV1x) have a high ball flight for me.  In Oklahoma, it's nice to be able to keep the ball down and out of the wind when you want to. Per the thread topic: I don't think swing speed matters that much *unless*...
81.  And it felt even better than that because I had a stretch of 7 pars in a row, and another stretch of 5 holes under par.   (Just don't ask me about 1, 9, 17, and 18.)
87.  10 strokes better than the last time I played that course.  ...really tricky place for me -- not too long, but very narrow (at times), and tiny little greens.  87 is a good score for me there.
82.  Much, much better!   But I really didn't play that much better than the last time out when I scored a 97.  The difference?  I was back at my nice, forgiving home course.  :)  Only 1 penalty instead of 7. My (second) putts were sinking instead of lipping out.    ...I need to play a greater variety of courses...
97 and couldn't be more pissed off. Had the two-way miss working and hit 4 balls out of the course. 2 onto roads, 2 into woods.  3 more into water.  7 penalties in all.  I'm normally pretty calm when things go badly, but I kind of lost it today.  ...I need to get back out there soon.  Nasty taste left after this round.
New Posts  All Forums: