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Try shortening your Driver. I'm 6"1 and hit a 44 inch driver. Sure I may lose 10 yards on perfect hits, but but I have way more drives off the center of the face with a shorter driver so my average is probably the same. Most people are 25% more accurate with a shorter driver...it's worth the trade off. Sergio hit a 43 inch driver.
I'm a 4.9, and I'll say B. My iron play from outside 145 yards isn't great. I swing a bit over the top, but my accuracy off the tee, wedge play and putting allow me to shoot well. I feel like I'll never be scratch, I shot even par once in my life, and I had to hit some ridiculous shots to pull it off.
913 driver. I just happen to live .4 miles from Tom Spargo. Top 100 fitters in the USA, and one of the nicest guys I've ever met in the golf industry.
This is one of my favorite stories. I'm playing a $7 9 hole public park course, and I get paired up with a 70 something year old nice guy. I'm even par through 6, and he's probably 16 over. He is giving me advice all round telling me how I can improve my distance if I just put it further back in my stance(I hit my 7 iron 175 so I really don't have a problem with distance) and I didn't take his advice. We get to to the 7th par 3 165 I hit an 8 short, and he drops another...
It's not a penalty to accidentally move the ball when marking it. A while back a caddy threw the ball to his player, and it hit his coin moving it. That's a penalty because he was not in the act of marking it.
I found it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. No penalty. https://vine.co/v/OU1K9B5e5hw 
I noticed it, and I think he marked the ball closer than he was supposed to. What made it worse is that he did it out of anger because his short putts were aweful.
It looks like the only problem he is having is not accelerating through his chips.
Wow! Calling him a liar based on his body language is pretty shady, not to mention all the unnamed sources.
Just the scotty lol, he has made so many good putts with that scotty.
New Posts  All Forums: