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I'd love it. I bet scores wouldn't be all that different.
If I'm ever a patron im wearing a green shirt that says FAN in huge letters across the front.
Haha I try every year buddy. 0 for 8 in the lottery.
Let's put on featured groups that no one wants to see, and show the groups on the back 9 only where you can watch them ANYWAY on the amen corner stream! Geniuses
And we can't watch it, such bullshit.
I get so excited for the masters every year, and it lets me down most years. The course just seems really easy for these guys now. i will not even get into how the word "patrons" is like nails on a chalkboard every time I hear it. Can't wait for the US Open and that nasty rough.
It could be a lefty thing too...Mike Weir won there and he drives the ball 190 lol
Get fitted for an extra $75. It will be worth it.
Haha me too, and I don't think its that bad at all. I couldn't play without it. I think it speeds up play. I am the wanna be tour pro guy though. I don't have a tour bag, but I love having pretty clubs, and good looking cloths.
Snake rapers you know
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