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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver! Jimmy Walker -5 JB Holmes -6 Kevin Na -5
That's what I said. I understood the ruling 30 posts ago, but I hate the rule, and I kept making it known. I still got piled on. Like I said, go into almost any thread on here, and you will find an argument or people bashing each other.
"maybe if I knew the rules better Id get more drops." Yea because this scituation where a right handed golfer wants to hit left handed, but his left handed stance enables him to get a drop so he can hit right handed always happens, and isn't worthy of discussion. I'm just an idiot, and I apologize if I thought his intention was to never hit it left handed, but get a free drop because it's the left handed shot was reasonable. Well what's not a reasonable shot, and who...
I thought it was interesting, so posted it. like every other thread it turns into a pissing contest. The lost ball comment was a joke. I got the ruling a long time ago. I lost... see
I do get it, and accept the ruling. I think I'm just jealous that these guys seem to get so many free drops, not to mention they hardly ever have a lost ball.
His intent was to get a drop
It was his 3rd so he was only 100 or so out. Good for you though. You hit that full shot pretty well.
Has anyone actually seen a PGA player hit this supposed reasonable shot before? I can't recall it ever happening. I saw Ricky borrow Phils club lol, and I've obviously seen it against a tree, but never the edge of the water.
I hear you.
Would you take that shot in a tournament, with the water right there? Both pitching out or hitting it lefty gave him no shot at the green.
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