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I had a practice round for the mid-am coming up this week. Par 4 430 yards hit a good drive had a 140 PW to a severely sloped back to front green. I pushed it a little, hit the green and rolled back on to the fringe and came to rest right next to the rough. I couldn't putt it, and chipping was risky. I was so worried about how I was going to get a club on it that I never read the green. I took a hybrid and hit it up the hill right at the hole. It broke left fast, didn't...
I wish the scores in majors were around par to 3 under. This feels like a regular event for me.
People want to see Tiger play, even if he is playing bad. I hope they do switch it though, I can't take the commentary after every bad shot. How come they are not showing all of Bradley's shots in slow motion with lines on his head, hips club. It's beyond annoying.
Best round was 71, but most memorable was Bethpage red 73, then Bethpage black the next day 96 lol
Last year I got a membership for $950, and it can be played at 7,000 yards. I played it a ton, but hated the course. I did however shoot par for the first time in my life, and drop my handicap from 6 to a 4 which suck if you want to play for money lol. I wouldn't do it again though, I got so sick of playing the same course.
Spieth and Dunne in the final group would amazing. I wouldn't know who to pick.
Tiger and Jason played a practice round today. Probably a big FU to the National Enquirer from the both of them.
I was B-fit for Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls. Rory Mcllroy -16 Lee Westwood -14 Paul Casey -13
tiger should put these in the bag tomorrow.
I completely agree. In hanks book, tiger was obsessed with hitting the ball far. Bring back the stinger.
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