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You can have a head in mind, but def get fitted for the right shaft.
i use a strike pad, and chip on it also. 
I have had the 4X18 for 3 years, and its awesome. I would highly recomend birdie ball. If it gets dirty just use a leaf blower to clean it up. Don't use a brush.   http://www.birdieball.com/putting-greens/
i have a set of MP4s for sale in the marketplace... check them out.
Yea I'm lefty in everything but golf.
I bought this set in April and have played about 25 rounds with them. They have KBS tour stiff shafts, and mizuno blue lampkin grips. The length is standard, and the lie is 1/2 degree flat. They are in great shape. This is my first time selling on here so some tips on payment and shipping would be appreciated. I figure it will be about $40 to ship them which is included in the price. Photos will be up tomorrow. $675
Elin could be his 9 iron coach.
So it's not equal, that's my point. Tony is more likely to not be arrested than the kid with no money or celebrity.
Witnesses said he gunned his engine driving by the kid. That's probably enough.
They are just as accountable as us. Michael Jackson paid $20,000,000 to be a child molester, and the law, and the world gave him a pass. If I built an amusement park to mokest childen, I'd be in jail. You are crazy if you think regular people get treated the same as celebs and politicians. I don't think that charges would stick to Tony, because it would be hard to prove his intentions, but let's at least have a trial. And yes I agree the magic thing doesn't really apply...
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