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Elin could be his 9 iron coach.
So it's not equal, that's my point. Tony is more likely to not be arrested than the kid with no money or celebrity.
Witnesses said he gunned his engine driving by the kid. That's probably enough.
They are just as accountable as us. Michael Jackson paid $20,000,000 to be a child molester, and the law, and the world gave him a pass. If I built an amusement park to mokest childen, I'd be in jail. You are crazy if you think regular people get treated the same as celebs and politicians. I don't think that charges would stick to Tony, because it would be hard to prove his intentions, but let's at least have a trial. And yes I agree the magic thing doesn't really apply...
Because he's famous, and the whole nascar world would be putting pressure on the police to arrest him. Look how many people are defending him now, and saying the kid was stupid. Tony has done the same thing, and 2 years ago he threatend to run someone over. History shows that society defends famous people, unless your tiger woods lol. Magic Johnson was way worse than Tiger, slept with woman at half time, cheated on his wife thousands of times, got HIV and now he's a hero....
I know this is hypothetical, but I think if Ward hit Stewart, he would be charged. I think it was an accident, but from a few guys that drive those cars Stewart would have definitely seen him and some of them think Stewart was trying to scare the kid a little.
I thought it was stupid of Rory. I felt that he was rushed. He hit two bad shots in a row on 18. The drive that almost went in the water almost cost him a tie.
The majors, except for the Masters felt like any other tournement. I think the courses should reward good shots, but bad shots should be almost impossible to make par. It's nice to see them suffer like us once in a while. How about not raking bunkers ever. They are supposed to hazards! It's annoying when guys hit a bad shot and they are praying it goes into a hazard. Bring on the haters.
-8,-9,-17,-16 the majors need to be harder.
It could just as easily be a Nike commercial.
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