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They seem to waste them alot. At most game I attend it happens at least twice or 3 times.
I think the newer rule (I am 55) where coaches can call time out from the bench needs tweaking or changing. Back in the "old" days, players had to call time out. On the surface, coaches calling time out seem ok but the unintended consequence is that they are "playing" the game from the bench. Defenses can hardly ever get a 5 second call anymore. The coach always calls time out at 4 sec. That makes a great defensive effort go for naught. Jump balls are averted by time...
Ok, I'm done with this one. I may have changed a few minds and made a few of you think outside the box a little. In the end, if winning the previous hole is only an order of play issue, why can't the winner defer, just like players 3 or 4 in the foursome? That would be the best solution.  I'll be back to get everyone's knickers in a bunch with the next one soon. Thanks for listening.
Everyone is getting away from my basic point. An "option" is always better than a "you must."  Coin flip winners have the "option". Rent with and "option" to buy. The quarterback "option" play. Take something back to Walmart, you have the "option" of store credit or your money back. Thats all I want. Not "having to" hit first after I win a hole, thats all. Don't know why that doesn't make sense.
You could still tee of first by taking that option. But if you are like the bowler mentioned in a previous post, you could choose to tee of 2nd or 3rd or 4th.
Thanks MyrtleBeach, someone finally gets it.
Im not wanting "more perks". Just don't think it should be a detriment. If you don't like to go first, you shouldn't have to. Again, a coin flip winner in any other sport has the "option"--i. e. to kick off or receive. I also take issue with another bad rule I ran into in a softball tourney, (similar situation, YOU GUYS WILL LOVE THIS ONE!)  My daughters team was seeded higher in their bracket. We go out for the pre -game talk with the umpires and they tell us we are the...
What the heck are "angle shots"?  
You're screen name say you are a major winner. If you have been in that kind of competition you know that using every legal advantage isn't "gamesmanship" its just playing smart. Is watching your opponents putt roll on a similar line as yours "gamesmanship"?  I don't know why the "option" isn't better than the "you must hit first" honor.  The "honor" should be the option. That would be a better honor for all players. Those that like to hit first can. Those that like to...
I guess my point about the "OPTION" is getting lost. Why isn't having the option better than an abitrary "you must hit first" rule.  I personally hate to hit first for all the reasons I stated before. I shouldn't be made to hit first if I don't want to.  I should be able to earn the option by winning the previous hole.  Also the "what if he his it stiff or swings a little harder of softer argument doesn't get to the root of it.  I've been on holes at new courses...
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