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I've owned to pair of Nike shoes, one, a pair of sneakers and a pair of golf shoes.   I had the same problem with both of them, the soles started peeling off the bottoms of the shoes.  Still lots of life left in both pair except for the soles coming off.  I wound up gluing them back on but that didn't last long.  Wound up trash canning both of them and vowed to never own Nike shoes again.
You're playing under 4 hours for a round?   You can play in front of me anytime.  
If I'm having driver problems I'll either pull the 3 wood or do the following.   Choke down on the club about an inch.  Remember to adjust your distance from the ball.   Check the face of the club, if you keep it clean you can usually see where you're striking the ball.  It might just be a matter of adjusting your stance in relation to the ball.   Make a mental note of how you're starting your backswing.  Often I'll be starting the clubhead off on an inside...
Got a question concerning a nagging issue with my ball striking since I've taken the game back up the past 3 years. I'm a 55 year old, RH that uses the Varden interlock grip. Due to an old injury, my grip on my right hand isn't what it should be.  If I close my hand to make a fist, my index and middle finger won't close all the way. There's about a 1/4 inch distance between the palm and the fingers.  Little finger and ring finger close properly. Question I have...
This never should've been this close.  Some really uninspired play by quite a few today. 
As previously stated, if enough people had this app I could see the cart girl going willy nilly all over the course trying to serve each of these requests as they came in.  Not efficient.
  IIRC, he made mention that it was easier and more consistent to merely change setup stance and the clubface angle and just make a normal swing vs. attempting to make changes in his downswing as he was swinging.
I agree with working on all of it but if there was one in particular, the short game is the best way to lower scores. 
Foursomes in carts have nothing to do with it.   Slow play, that's it.   I played in a 2 person team scramble this spring.  36 total 2 man teams(a foursome at each hole) each starting on a different hole. Best ball.  1 putt rule.   The round took 5 1/2 excruciating hours.   We were waiting by the 3rd hole.  There was a group of four about 3 groups in front of us that were the cause of the backup.  Should the marshals have hurried them along?  Yep.  Did...
I've gone from the Pinnacle FX Softs - Pinnacle Gold Precision - now the new Pinnacle Golds (which are basically the old Precisions)   I still love the ball as much as I did the first time I hit one after finding one on the course.  They feel great off the irons and that's what I use to judge. I can also stop these on one hop.   Other balls I've tried.   Liked: Gamer V2 - Like the ball. Came off the driver nicely, better than the Pinnacle. AD333 - Another one...
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