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A few ideas.   go ball hunting the next time you're on the course and experiment with some you've found.   Hit yard or garage sales, especially in subdivisions adjoining golf courses.  Those often have golf balls for sale they've found in their yards that you can get for as little as a dime apiece.  Buy several different brands and try them out.   You could also buy them from the used ball bins at your local courses pro shop.  You pay more for them but there...
Womens golf balls just won't work unless you properly accessorize the rest of your attire.  
No difference between the performance of yellow or white. I play Pinnacle Golds. both colors.   In late winter/early spring the sun sets low in the sky and you often get a lot of UV haze.  The yellow ball is easier to pickup, especially off the tee.  With most area fairways utilizing bermuda, they're browned out.  The yellow ball just pops out and is easier to find.   As spring comes around and the courses start greening up, I switch to white.   Then...
The albatros was 50/50 luck and skill.  Aim the ball at the green in a precise area, (which he did perfectly) and then luck took the ball the rest of the way across the green into the hole.   Bubba's shot was pure skill and given the pressure he was under, pretty amazing.  Even Faldo said he'd be lucky to get the ball into a position in front of the green.  Bubba did that one better and then some.
From Yorktowns website   Yorktown Was the First Course Designed by Pete Dye Mr. Dye is considered one of the most influential golf course architects in the world. His design for the Brickyard Crossing golf course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway utilized the dismantled outer retaining wall from the race track. He’s known for designing the “World's Most Terrifying Tee Shot,” aka The Island Green — the 17th hole at The TPC at Sawgrass.
I'll be Playing at Sugar Creek Country Club in High Ridge, MO> Got gifted a membership   http://sugarcreekstl.com/golf/proto/playsugarcreekgc/
I've signed up to play 2 hours next week at my courses new simulator.  I've played around with it a couple times.  Seems like it's better at helping you see what's happening with your swing, as far as speed, how the clubface positioned at impact vs. actually simulating a real golf game.  I'm looking forward to it.
I'll take one.
IMO, the field Jack played up against during his career way outshines the players Tiger has had to compete with.  Heck, Tigers presence in a major tournament had 3/4 or more of the field psyched out before they hit the first tee.   Tiger will definitely need to win more majors than Jack and still, if you could through a time machine pit them against one another,  Jack would still be the guy to win between the two.  He had the mental side way figured out and wouldn't...
I can tell you one thing.  When I was in my late teens/early 20's in the late 70's, early 80's, I was an 8 handicapper.  A couple scratch golfer buddies of mine were pushing me to move to the next level with some lessons.   After putting the game down in 1985 and picking it back up again last year, I can clearly see where I've lost a tremendous amount of flexibility in my joints and body.  Even with todays equipment I'd be pushing it really hard to drive a ball as...
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