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I would also be patient with the progression of changes.  Everything won't be perfect in one range session.  The adjustment is probably stopping the club face from getting closed at impact.  A block typically occurs with an in out path with the face open.  Your old videos don't look as if you have an out in path.  I would take the time first to make sure you have the toe down in your sleep, because it is really changing a big part of the swing.  After that, we can look at...
Wow, it would be tough competition to get that door greeter position.
Wasn't it McDonalds that purchased automated registers, like 10,000 or something to replace workers because of the minimum wage increase?  I could see most fast food places doing this in the near future.  It is essentially firing those 2 employees and not losing anything from it.
See?  This game is easy... 
Well the shaft still runs up with his forearm.  Mine is angled from forearm to shaft.  Its fine, true, to have a non straight left arm but the shaft still has to run up part of the arm.I don't typically have timing issues.  I guess the reason I mention this, is to get a more consistent, less moving pieces, type swing.  Any little tweak that can potentially increase performance is worth trying.  And getting a straighter left arm at impact will potentially help with a better...
I prefer early and on Thursday/Friday, but I also like to see everybody regardless of how they are playing.  There's less of a crowd early, the weather is usually nicer, short lines for bathroom and food/drinks lines are shorter.  Weekends are hectic and I'd rather watch the leaders on TV.
One thing I've forgotten about which could help me, is to square up my stance again.  I switched to having a closed stance to help swing path, but I left it there, which can restrict the turn through.  If I slowly brought it back to parallel to line, I might get a better turn and straighten that left arm at impact.
All righty, here they are! Well, I'm working on something and it doesn't show a ton of improvement from my last video session a few weeks ago.  I'm trying to make a better turn around my spine through impact, which would help straighten my left arm at impact (as it is bent).  Right now I'm shifting my lower body too laterally, I think, instead of a turn, which translates up my back making me hunch a bit at impact.  I've still been playing really well despite this.  This...
Man I love that song though.  I start singing every time it comes on!
What? I like that commercial! It makes me laugh at how annoying it is.  
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