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I've had more eagles than I can count on par 5's.  I've had half a dozen eagles on par 4's, but from driving the green.  My course when I was growing up had several par 4s between 260 and 330yds that I drove often enough.  It's the same course that I got a double eagle on a 520yd par 5 and a hole in one on a 170yd par 3.  Yesterday at my newer home course, I hit my 2nd into a 510yd par 5 to 1ft short of the pin.  I must say, I was a little bummed to have left that shot...
You'll want to see if the balls are distance compensated.  So it could be as much as 25% off normal distances.  But, in general, the best way to know is to use your real balls in an empty field or just use a fairway on a empty day.
I'm not saying I don't believe you, but saying that you hit a 3wood over 240 yesterday is great! That's one time though, not an average. You sound like you're still trying to find a good swing, so are these averages based on when you hit it good or based on every single shot you take?  There will be a big difference.
Play the home course in dupont while you're out at chambers, it's a great course as well. It was a regional qualifier for the us open too.
I was B-fit for Bridgstone Tour B330-S golf balls. Jason Day -12 Shane Lowry -12 Victor Dubuisson -12
4ft.... I didnt get a free brand new callaway driver bc of a 4ft putt....
Look at the bush near the water in the right of the pic.  There's no leaves in the first pic, meaning winter and lots of rain.  Second pic has the bush fully leaved
http://gsr.lib.msu.edu/2000s/2009/091120.pdf A good read if anyone is interested in reading on fine-fescue grass and how it is a grass with very low maintenance costs. It doesn't mention much about being able to keep greens of fescue rolling smooth, but I can venture a guess that it would be tough for them to be smooth.  The grass you're using here is slow growing, thin blades, and not dense.  So yes that would mean slightly bumpy but predictable rolls.  And in the end,...
It's too much of a liability to let spectators wonder on the dunes.  You could break an ankle, fall down, or whatever the case is.  Granted, I understand, as I was there Wednesday and Thursday, but I had binoculars and could see every ball hit and follow it in the air.  A lot of people have broken the rules of where spectators can go anyways.  It's definitely iffy though for how to set up the course for spectators to walk safely.
I think it looks amazing! He also said that the watering for a course of 7800yds is so much! 1) Has he looked at the TV yet? Does it look wet and green? 2) The PNW rains quite a bit during the winter, so its not being watered then.  and 3) its fescue grass which doesn't need a lot of water to begin with.  So, really, what course is he looking at?
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