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Yesterday at men's league, playing a par 4 from 275yds.  Bunkers are front and left of green with green sloping left to right.  So a hard green to hit off the tee.  Pin is back and I took 3wood off the tee and nailed it perfectly.  A nice little draw and it lands just onto the left side of the green and rolls to the back middle, leaving a sliding left to right downhill putt for eagle.  I'd been leaving putts short and offline all day to this point, but I guess I had the...
I try to get a lot of weight forward with a 4 or 5 iron, which will get the club face delofted.  Then with the ball in the middle-ish of your stance with the face slightly open, it would still come out low but more of a slice.  The biggest problem I see with people trying to punch the ball is not making good contact, and they will top it or just not get the ball high enough off the ground; still gotta hit down on the ball and make that contact.
Tournament 18 : 70 (-2) Casual 18 : 64 (-8) Tournament 9 : 36 (even) Casual 9 : 31 (-5) If you want to count the PAT test as a tournament then yeah I've shot a 70 there.  That was with hitting 4-iron off of almost every tee because my driver was really bad that day and I didn't need to hit anything too long.  The tournament 9 was in high school where I helped our team win a multi-team tourney, which was cool. My casual 18 was interesting.  I wasn't hitting spectacular...
I don't know if someone said this yet, but it's really bothering me that they are running on the greens and throwing their clubs and flag stick down on them.  
It depends when you get started.  I was 8 or 9 when I started and really didn't start breaking 100 til age 15, but i quickly went to breaking 80 by age 16.  Starting as a kid, you can't really take a full swing yet, not enough muscle tone for it.  But If you start as an adult, I think with practice and a little bit of instruction first, you can break 100 pretty quick.
Yeah there's a marsh all in front.  I usually go for going long, because itll hit the bank and stop.  Then its a chip and a putt.  And yeah its kinda built up.  it's fun, but not my favorite hole on the course.
My disaster hole at Home Course is #4, the long par 3 that has 3 tiers with a bunker in front middle.  For me it plays like 220.  It's a really hard hole. Par is like a birdie haha!
I've played it several times, and the greens really aren't as bad as they seem on the game.  I enjoyed it a lot!
Eh, 80.  I've been going through changes and the ball kept creeping forward in my stance that day.  But I had a lot of fun! I'm pretty sure I'll do better next time, I've made a lot of improvements since then.It's a part of the Suncadia Resort, it is private but I know there are ways to play there anyway.  I'd check with the resort.  All the courses at Suncadia are pretty good, but Tumble is the best!
I've played there several times, and I'd agree it's one of my favorites!  I played in the US Open qualifier earlier this summer at Home Course. I loved the way they set it up, because every green there has that one spot where you can only get to the pin one way.  It's a course that demands a great game plan and being able to work the ball many ways to get close to the pins.  They keep it in good shape for a good price.  A downside is that they don't have the clubhouse yet....
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