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my current set up has been picked up hit or miss, except my new Wishon 4w which was built for me by a custom club maker.  I'm pretty sure he matched the swing weight with my 9w though if he did, i don't recall him telling me that.   Any new clubs that i get will be MOI matched and FLO aligned.  I've been doing a ton of reading about this and feel I'll benefit greatly.
I've just "discovered" the position the ball at the same point, just off the left heel recently.  Now that there is snow on the ground, I haven't had the opportunity to work this method but it makes a lot of sense to me and even if I don't end up using this method, it has already helped me to realize why I tend to hit some shots fat compared to others.  I do plan on giving this method a solid go and see how it helps me.
Good luck Russell!
You all realize that these "gangsta" posters are just trolling here correct?  I suppose it's fun to get steamed up about their comments but to even for a second think they are other than 12 years olds looking to rile up a bunch of "old geezers".  If you ignore them, they go away............it's no fun if people won't play their game.
I've not used one of these but know someone who does use it and claims to have gone from a 16 hncp to a 6.  From what I've read about these, use it with every club.  It seems to be about tempo and swing plane.  I'm interested in finding out how much it helps you.
  I meant the computer PC online version; tigerwoodsonline.ea.com the graphics there are MUCH better than the Wii.    
if you are like me, you are hitting it fat on the course?  you are probably hitting it fat on the range mats too but you can still get some good shots when the clubs bounce off the mats.  As many here have suggested, put a tee or a towel just behind your ball while at the range to promote ball first contact.  divits are fine, as long as they come after you hit the ball.
got and played the Wii version last night.  Was a bit disappointed at the cartoon like graphics.  I've been playing online PC TW at EASports.com and the graphics on that are far better.  It was cool to play Augusta but again the graphics were underwhelming and so I wasn't as impressed as I hoped to be.
I've not had any altercations, yet.  The closest was last summer and I was part of the group getting hit into.  Bunch of high school kids playing behind us and not waiting.  The one that really boiled my blood was as we were driving away from the 18th green, one of them hit the ball and it land about 5 feet from our cart.  I locked the brake and was ready to throw the ball back at them when my wife intervened and I just let it go.  High Schoolers.............what can you...
What were the temps like?  I been all over the place on my recent range sessions.  if it's nice out, I do well, if it's breezy / cold, I tend to yank my shots left and very short.  Also like my game on the course, if I'm tense my game / range sessions suffers.
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