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I am looking for a good practice net for the garage. I don't want something terribly monstrous but of course it still needs to get the job done.   I would love to hear some suggestions from this forum.   Thank you
If I were to invest in the p3pro, I would certainly select the model that includes the grass top surface.   Did you find the results to be very accurate?
I'd love to hear some reviews if anyone owns or has tried this product.   Thanks you
Has anyone on these forums had a Golftec fitting before? If so, how was your experience? I am exploring club fitting options and would appreciate any information.
I've been golfing for approximately 2-3 months now, and although I've developed much more consistency in my swing, it is still evolving.   With that being said, is it ever TOO early to get fitted clubs? Should I hold off until I feel my swing is even more settled?
New player here looking to invest in some higher quality clubs and move away from my Wilson box set....   I often hear about clubs being "forgiving", but I am curious to know what actually makes an iron, wood or driver "forgiving".   With that being said, at what point in my learning process should I invest in some fitted clubs and is there ever a too soon?   Thanks in advance for the insight and information...
I am a new golfer currently taking lessons and learning the fundamental mechanics of the game. I was looking for some supplementary instruction to what I gain from the golf pro I am working with.   I have heard some positive things about Shawn Clement and his approach to teaching and I wanted to get this forums take on his instruction.   So if you've ever followed his lessons or have an opinion to share I would love to hear it.
Anyone have any suggested drills or training aids that reinforce keeping your left arm straight?   I find myself having a weak follow through and poor release because so often I compromise my left arm rather than keeping it straight as I release the club.   Thanks in advance for the advice.
Thanks for the input. I never noticed but you are completely right, my swing is all arms and I used to play quite a bit of baseball in the past. I will get a video of my swing from behind but what do you suggest for encouraging the use of my lower body rather than being so reliant on my arms.  
I see that I've had a few views but no feedback as of yet. Is there anything I can do to encourage some insight and opinions? I'd be happy to post more videos if that would be helpful.   Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: