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http://www.hirekogolf.com/hireko/orderportal/catalog_presentation/by_group/0/1852/0/0/0/0/0 14 degree best I could do
Why use tape and solvent' I use a $3 needle inflator and $39 compressor set at 40psi from Harbor Freight where I also bought my cheap chop saw. It does all I need. Blow them on and off in a matter of seconds. I sometimes use a strip of masking tape to get them started with a little mineral spirits in a spray bottle. When the wear a bit just stick the inflator in there with a blast of air and turn them around. Winn Lite grips are a bit different because of the material...
I ordered a UST Proforce V2 Tour Flight R flex shaft. I am 69 and have a slower swing and wanted to play a shorter 3 wood length shaft and lower my ball flight. I installed the adapter and a 6g hosel weight so I would not have to use lead tape. The shaft is 42.25" new and would play 3 wood length. It is softer than R flex since it was not tipped. It may be what you need. Personally I decided to get a full hybird set so I no longer need this shaft or the Aldila stock...
I placed an order and never received it. Had a time getting my money back. Finally they gave me a refund and apology. After that I decided to give them another try. I placed a small order 5 days ago. Same story No tracking number no response to my email. I would stay away from these people.
I have 2 irons sets from Hireko and love them. They should be checked out. They have a new forged tour iron also and white 190 gram driver heads.  
I have and paid through paypal. When I go to track my order it says I have none. Customer service tells me there is a software problem. I asked for a tracking number and they sent one. When I track with that number UPS says the label was printed but nothing shipped.???????
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