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Dustin johnson -14 Luke donald -13 Rory mcllroy -12
Outside of golf, hunting and fishing is my life. There is nothing better than sitting in a treestand or boat all day. On top of that I also enjoy shooting, hoping to start shooting in the local idpa shoots this summer.
Entered. Thanks.
Mine is playing with someone that takes multiple mulligans on every shot.
Woods- 276 Mcllroy-277 Day-278
Im in.
I will second the nike vr wedges. I have the 56 and 60 degree and love them.
Dustin Johnson -12
Maybe it is just the area I am in but I would say at least 75% of the people on any given day, or any given course in my area, are wearing jeans. Especially early in the season. The couple times I golfed with the pro at a course, he was wearing jeans also.
Unfortunetly my putting is what's holding me back. I'm to inconsistant with it.
New Posts  All Forums: