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Did anyone else see martins driver?????? It was like one of the first sasquatches :S??
Thanks to both of yall, i work out alot im 6' 145, im pretty strong and love to work out. And i also make straight A's so thats not really a problem haha... Short game is my weakness so that is an awesome tip, summer tournamnets, time, and alot of practice (im gussing) is gunna tell how i do later on
My buddy and i are only freshman, and we both shoot average 81-83 we have 3 years to go to state and to get better... How reasonable do you think it is for us getting to college or PGA level. Thanks, just wanted some comments
Do you think its really gunna be worth all the hype??  
Awesome, their artificial right? Do they landscape it to make it look nice and do you know the price yet? Im really thinking about getting one
How are the southwest putting green? Thinking about getting one for my new house and customizing a chipping pad to go on the other side if the pool like on one of their pictures on their web site.... Have yall heard good things about them, how much are they, etc.
Have any of yall played at this course? If so did you like it and what was nice about it
Hey bro, You might wanna go post this in the pro shop under clubs and etc. You might get a few more hits
Im a freshman in high school, i usually go to the course 4-5 times per week, when i have time. It takes alot of practice
Why do tour players work their shots instead of hitting it straight? I understand if theirs a tree or somthing in a way, but not on a straight shot. Wouldnt hitting it straight be more accurite? Thanks!
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