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a box of oreos, and a fork...
shot an extremely disapointing 46... driving was absolutely horrendous. putting was similar to driving. overall could have easily taken 5 or more strokes off. too bad, cant wait for next time...
think about the amount of money you are going to spend on clones. if you are serious about golf you will want a new set in a year and a half probably. why not spend the money now to get a good set that you probably will be spending in a year and a half anyway. you dont need high end equipment to get good at all, but i think there are 3 turns you can make...2 good one bad. the 2 good being used clubs, or new low end clubs from a reputable company. one bad turn would be...
although neither are horrible choices, i strongly recommend the protype 82. I just purchased one earlier this month, and after getting used to the insert face...i have fallen in love. Every stroke is 2x as pure as the softest milled face. I love the soft feel, it makes me very confident in all areas of my putting. in my opinion the protype gets the nod every single day, softest best feeling putter around IMO. Just takes a week of decent practice to get used to the insert...
i think he meant average SCORE per GIR is 3.8? could be wrong. thats what i misunderstood as well.
when making contact with the ball, try to overexagerate a rightward push, but dont forget to roll your hands after impact. feel like the club releases way to far to the right. solved my problem, been hitting a mini draw ever since.
if i were you i would really focus on hitting fairways, even if that number only goes up by 10% you will see a huge improvement in your game. Also your putts per GIR needs to come down to around 2 if i am understanding that correctly. focus on making the most out of your GIR's and dont be dissapointed with the challenge of going up and down, as its not as hard as some people make it out to be.
as odd as this sounds...try teeing the ball up so high that its impossible to bottom out, and hit the ball. it will make you focus on hitting the ball and not worrying about bottoming out. might work, might not, just a suggestion  
yea how tall are you? an inch and a quarter is a lot of extra length. tall people are taller so you would think they need longer clubs, but their arms are longer as well... therefore the distance from wrist to ground does not directly correlate with height. Maybe you just have short arms though haha. Im 6-4 and my clubs are all 3/4 of an inch taller.
a rescue club and a hybrid are the same thing, different companies have chosen one or the other, and stuck with the name. I think right now taylor made and maybe one other company use the name "rescue", while most others use "hybrid". 
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