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I think those are handled differently because it's the bank calling you to report suspicious activity. When you face a situation like allenby, where you call and say hey, my card was stolen and that $20k charge wasn't me, I think they make you file a police report. At least that's what happened to a family member and a friend of mine. My friend's distant relative got his account info and made purchases. His bank made him press charges before refunding him, which he...
What I prefer about the online lessons is that I dnot need to make an appointment. I just go to the range whenever I can. Also, it forces me to use video all the time which is really essential. I'm very happy with evolvr, as others have said. I wouldn't even consider dropping it for live instruction.
They were just trying to get the psi back into the acceptable range because the cold weather deflated the ball. ;)
Right, it's the fraud protection that requires the police report.
My mother in law just went through this. The bank wont call it fraud if you don't file a report. It keeps people honest and gets the cops working with them (if they even bother) to find the thief and possibly get some of the money back.This still doesn't explain the details of his story, though.
Keep in mind that he had to file a police report if his cards were stolen, even if he simply passed out drunk without foul play. The bank wont do anything if you don't file a police report. Of course, that doesn't explain the differences in the story. Just saying that he couldn't just keep this quiet.
They are new balls even week, but yes, the teams don't control super bowl balls. Perhaps that's why the pats have done so well and gone so far every year but failed to win the big game. :) Anyway, Bill Nye says Bill Belicheck is full of shit. So that settles, right @saevel25 and @Golfingdad?http://screengrabber.deadspin.com/bill-nye-the-science-guy-says-bill-belichick-is-full-of-1681658679 And before anyone gets all excited about belicheck's tests, remember that it was...
http://m.espn.go.com/general/blogs/blogpost?blogname=afceast&id=75045&src=desktopNow Belicheat blessed the refs. Claims they just give the balls the the refs and tell them to fill it to 12.5,which is not what Tom Brady said and conflicts with the what everyone else says.It's not just league leader. It's historically good, every year for a decade, with all different running backs. 20 plays per fumble better than the second best, when the worst team is close to the second...
The Patriots cheated for 7 years before mangini ratted them out.
 What I find most incredible about that article is that the patriots have been a revolving door at RB.  From 2007-2014, they've started, Corey Dillon, Kevin Faulk, Sammy Morris, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, Stevan Ridley, James Develin, Legarette Blount.  Despite having all of those players, they had record low numbers of fumbles.   The team that fumbled the most since 2010 (Redskins), was closer to the team that fumbled the second fewest (Baltimore), than the second best was to...
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