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 I enjoy Halt and Catch Fire so far.   I consider Turn to be a terrible show that I enjoy nonetheless.  I find the time period to be fascinating and since I grew up about 10 miles from Setauket.  When first episode came on my wife asked if it was a true story and I didn't know much about the show.  I started telling her that I knew one story about spies on Long Island that involved a lady putting clothes out to dry as a signal to troops across the Sound and sure enough,...
 I think this is what eventually helped me.  Use a camera, take what feels like a swing back to A3, express shock that you're still going past parallel, try even shorter, repeat.  
Why would he have been allowed to take relief as an embedded ball in the fescue?  Must a local rule have been in place? 
Very cool!  I am excited to try it.  We got new computers at work and I'm thinking about repurposing one of the old ones to serve as a media center.  I want to cut the cord and a simple solution like this could help convince the wife. Have you streamed to your TV?
Holy cow, @dinoma! Thanks for posting that.  The ability to use the data in that way makes this an incredibly useful tool.  I have a hard time trying to imagine a more useful game tracking method.   And that seems like a great idea, @Golfingdad .  On top of what you said, as your game progresses (or regresses!) you'll see if your shot zones are changing without having to go back to a trackman.  
yep, i just downloaded it 
Yeah, it just came out last week.  I think it takes some time for the devices to catch up.  Either way, I've got an S4 and a Note 10, so I'm set!
I'm thinking about reworking my home media.  I've thought about repurposing an old PC to act as a server with music, photos, video, backup data etc., all set up to stream to my TV's, and if possible, to stream music to different rooms in the house.     This got me thinking about chromecast again and it turns out that since February, they've added a couple cool features.  You can now mirror your android device to the TV (no longer app specific), and they added MLB.tv.  I...
 To me, this is the key.  If you don't want arm-chair swing coaches, sign up for evolvr.  If you're looking for handouts (aren't we all?), anyone can comment and its up to you to decide who to listen too.  
Hit some balls on a trackman today to try to figure out my shots zones.  I'll post them a bit later, but here's the summary data without the dispersion.  Its quite sobering.  I lost a lot of clubhead speed.  When I got my driver the flightscope was giving me pretty consistent 101-102.  That was probably 2 years ago.  I'll have to find the data from when I was fit for irons, too.     Anyway, here it is.  I thought I had another 10 yards or so on each club, but I also know...
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