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 I think was questioning the six pack of coors light 
  I use oobgolf which is frustrating because it doesn't present the data well, but it does let me slice and dice--I keep track of 5 or 6 stats and it derives many other stats from those and lets me limit by date, course, club, etc.  I can see progression over time, too.  I don't think that's the focus of game golf, so I'd be tracking my game in 2 places--actually 3 because I have to keep my official handicap elsewhere.  I might get this anyway, but if it could completely...
This seems really cool.    Perhaps the pin position issue could be addressed by having the user tap the putter at the hole when he picks up the ball.  The software could recognize the last tap as the hole location instead.   I would be interested to know, at the end of your review, whether you think this could replace other stat tracking apps completely.  
  You guys are not alone.  I actually have trouble getting a the right view on my videos sometimes because I line my camera up to a club or stick but fail to line my feet up with the stick.  
Exactly.  And I'm going to go to the game anyway, so they don't need to do anything for me.  This is to interest the marginally interested.   Its the same with sports broadcasting--focusing on "stories" instead of the game to interest those on the fringe.  It annoys the "true" fans, but they're not gonna stop watching.
I was just thinking how whenever I attend spectator sporting events, I always think to myself "man, I really wish I could be more involved.  Is there some way I can get virtual 'points' for walking away from the action and doing something else? That would really make the this game more fun."  
I just heard something on the radio that made me think of this thread. Gary Williams said that the University of Maryland will now guarantee scholarships for life. Players don't lose scholarships for injuries and can continue work towards their degree after their athletic eligibility runs out.
 If you're going to lose your focus, that's the way to do it.  This. I had a bad case that lasted a month or so until I finally did this.  Probably spent 15 minutes hitting balls like this and I haven't shanked since. 
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