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It looks like putting and chipping are the culprit.  I'd work on those.   Its not the most important part of the game, and its not what separates the pros, but you've can't 3 putt 13-14 times over 27 holes and expect to break 90. 
When I went to the AT&T, I watched Tiger for a hole, then picked a spot on the front and watched all the interesting players come through, then moved to another spot on the back, then finally to the 18th hole for the last group.  I think I'd do the same thing.  Following Tiger is hard due to the crowds, but he's Tiger Woods and I was trilled to have been able to see him play (and win!).  That's something that will stick with me forever.    Also, my favorite spot was the...
Where are you guys getting all this inside knowledge?
Oh this all helps a ton.  I was usually able to fix the indents but trying a bunch of random things, but I could never figure out why it was happening.
Through 5 or 6 rounds I find it really easy to use.  Tagging doesn't interrupt anything.  No problems with the tags falling out or the belt clip coming off.  I don't even think I've had any mapping issues.     But I still haven't quite figured out if its actually useful.  As I've said before, I'm not impressed with the stats they produce, given the data they have.  Average club distances are hard to put much weight because there are so many factors that are not accounted...
None of that makes any sense to me. The entire premise of a smartphone/smart watch is that it's a jack of all trades. You don't need a point and shoot camera, ipod, a notebook, a scorecard, a GPS device, an alarm clock, etc. when you have a smartphone. I mean, you say that modern phones are great because they do so much. I get the sentiment of "I already have something that does all of that just fine," but only to an extent. That's what I felt about tablets for a while,...
The only thing thats obnoxious here is your post, as usual. The guy is comparing two smart watches and asked why people see the absence of a feature as a strength of one vis a vis another. There's nothing obnoxious about that.You clearly have no interest in any smart watch, so your opinion is irrelevant.
We need to get Sarah Koenig on this.
What's wrong with trying to understand the pros and cons of each?
The AE video came quick and I just watched it for the first time.  My initial impression is that it appears remarkably quick and easy.  I don't think the midpoint read took very long, but this is really fast.    I do agree with others that it might be hard to figure out if you've never taken an aimpoint class.  It seems a bit like voodoo magic because there's not a real good explanation as to why it works.  But I've seen enough to just accept that it does.  Can't wait to...
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