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I bet Roger Godell has a two-way miss off the tee.     6 games and a lifetime suspension...that's a really heavy penalty...but then again, maybe its appropriate.  
Very cool.  I try to hit balls on these once or twice a year.     It really depends on what you want to do.  Since you've never used one before, you could just hit balls and look at the stats to see what it does.  But the best thing you could probably do would be to dial in your distances--particularly with your scoring clubs--because the trackman will tell exactly how far you hit the ball.  Or, if you have Lowest Score Wins, you can even develop your shot zones.
I'd start with the untouched water in your bag.  From there, I'd move onto the water provided by the course.     Do you find that you're dehydrated?  I would think that 9 holes wouldn't require much more than that, but perhaps you live in a more oppressive climate than I do.
Isn't it considered bad form to gawk at another person's wife?  Isn't golf supposed to be a gentlemen's game?  ESPN would face lawsuits over this.     I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the link.   
I probably can't make it, but I would try.
 This.  Just get fitted.  They'll tell you the proper length and flex and much much more.
 Its been said, but I think it bears repeating because these discussions so often devolve into the "chamblee should shut up because he wasn't very good" vs "you don't have to be good to teach debate."  @boogielicious and others here made an important, and perhaps new point--that although bad players can be good teachers (or analysts), but that doesn't mean that bad players are good teachers.  Someone can show that they are knowledgeable in a number of ways, primarily by...
If you like 15" holes, why not just play with 4.25" cups and take gimmies inside 3'?  
I'd love to see him go back to Butch.  If he played poorly, it would eliminate the coaching change as the reason for his recent difficulty with majors.  If he wins majors...well great, that's what everyone wants to see.   But that's unlikely to happen.  So I'm hoping he signs up for evolvr.
 I think was questioning the six pack of coors light 
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