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You are right, I misread it. I don't know enough about Norman to have an opinion, but I can't stand buck.
He wouldn't have simply called it, he would never have let go.  Buck is more interested in manufacturing drama that captivates the fringe viewer than anything else.  Get ready for pre-planned "story lines" that will be shoved down your throat for 4 days while you try to follow what is actually happening on the course.  This is going to be a disaster.  
A boy named sue -- Johnny Cash.  It might be about a boy, but its a girl's name, and that was kinda the whole point, so I think it counts.   Lola - The Kinks.  She walked like a woman and talked like a man!
I think I'd tend to agree that it would be preferable to use amateurs.  But I don't lean very strongly one way or the other.
When I bought my macbook pro in late 2012, I was surprised that the cost was pretty much the same as other comparable models from other companies.
 This nails it.   You pretty much only miss games that are on ESPN.  Unless you have someone else's cable log-in, in which case you get those, too.  
I'd closer to an apple hater than an apple fan boy.  But the last computer I bought was a macbook pro and I like it a lot.  Mostly for style reasons.  It looks and feels cool and well built.  It probably hangs up less often, but the difference isn't that great. And I prefer the windows file management.  But overall, I'd probably recommend trying out a mac.  I'd probably go with the macbook air, though.     I've even toyed with the idea of not having a desktop or laptop....
I have a roku tv, a chromecast, a vizio with built in apps, and a dvd player with various apps.   The TV with apps is by far the worst.  The connectivity isn't very good, even though my other devices get great reception, and the navigation is painfully slow.  I have a chromecast on that TV and if I want to watch netflix I will use that over the vizio netflix.   The dvd player is the next to worst.  Its really fine, but the menus are slow and the interface isn't the...
   I had the lowest of expectation for 21 Jump Street and but ended up loving it.  There are only a handful of movies that I'm willing to rewatch (the Big Lewbowski, Fletch, and Shawshank come to mind), but I've probably watched 21 Jump Street five times, including just the other day.   I pretty much agree with @boogielicious completely on 22 jump street.  Some parts made me laugh a lot, but overall it wasn't very good.  My wife commented that it was about 20 minutes too...
@Ernest Jones nailed in on the first page.     This is probably more juvenile than homophobic.  Unfortunately it takes time to filter this stuff out completely.  He should still be criticized, that speeds the filtering.  But outrage by everyone isn't necessary.
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