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This guy hasn't refused to cooperate in the investigation.
http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/12933082/will-smith-milwaukee-brewers-suspended-8-games-foreign-substance That's what happens when you doctor the ball.
that's a REALLY bizarre opinion there, John wayne.
Absolutely!  Let's sue em!I think Kraft's tantrum was calculated to solve two things: 1) leverage for negotiations over Brady's penalty; and 2) provide almost plausible talking points for its fans.  Talk to a pats fan about spygate and they'll repeat the nonsense the team put out there.  That Belicheck says they gained no advantage by knowing what plays the other team was running, and that were doing the same thing as everyone else but standing on the wrong side of some...
  That's a good point,. but it doens't really change much.  So its more like one in 300 in MD and one in 60,000 in DC and one in 10 in florida.  And not everyone with a license to carry does so all the time...so that swings it back towards more unlikely..
 Just because I find the topic interesting: Its certainly likely in Virginia.  But not where I live (MD) or work (DC).  Sure, they "allow" permits.  If you can convince the chief of police that you "need" a gun.  And that basically means no.  As of January, there were 8 licensed concealed carry permit holders in DC.  (http://wamu.org/news/15/01/27/dc_grants_first_concealed_carry_permits_in_decades)  But the good reason law was struck down yesterday, so maybe it will...
While that's probably true for some people, many of us live in places where concealed carry is pretty much illegal.  So for some of us, like me, we can be virtually certain that nobody that we interact with on a daily basis carries a concealed weapon. 
 Hey now!  He was just talking about weight loss!  And those texts were really about McNally's friend Tom Brody.  Damn autocorrect!
 The same can be said about the next group, without the firearm.
I see what you mean.  I actually haven't voted because I'd say that I'd be mildly uncomfortable, but probably wouldn't refuse to play with the guy.  Unless he had it on his hip when he teed off. 
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