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How sure are you that those guys stopped?
Should we start a pool on what we're going to learn about dez white? ;)
No, but if I were you I'd just wait for this: http://shop.aimpointgolf.com/DVD-AimPoint-Express-Fundamentals-Pre-Order_p_35.html The idea seems generally similar to aimpoint, but you can't get an accurate slope read from something that small. 
I suspect that this is really about the unionization issue.  If kids have to study for a year before playing, it strengthens their argument that the school treats them as students, not employees.    I think they could deal with the scholarship issue by just increasing the number available. 
I'm reasonably certain that the second part is wrong. the number of people who think he "may" have used peds is closer to 100%. There's a big difference bbetween maybe and probably.
 Not to mention that a poll showing that other people "think" tiger used PEDs does not prove that its reasonable to have that position. 
Well said.  And obviously, I agree with this 100%.   In addition to the beauty/artistic/romantic sort of aspect, I also I think I learned more from the sports I played than the classes I took in high school.  So I tend to view sports as a window into life, an imitation of life, a training ground for life, etc.  And I think learning to deal with bad call is an important life lesson.  I don't get hung up on "fairness" because life isn't always fair.  The lesson is to do...
My knees get weak looking out the window of tall buildings.  I don't think space flight is for me.   But I can totally understand why people would go for it.  If you think colonization has a viable future.
Another thing Erik suggested for beading that works inside is to putt on a metal yard stick.  I can't say whether it works or not because the few times I've tried it my  toddlers thought it was a game for them and would grab my ball just as i start my backswing.  Seems like it would work, though.   Also for those of you who want to try the string but are confusing by "knitting needles", they sell them at golf stores, too.  It just costs a bit more.  ...
@boogielicious? Is that you?Another candidate to be banned.note: that is a stock photo. Its much more white than that.Oh, and that wind chill Advisory?
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