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Bullying aside, incognito is widely known to be a dirty player other players cant stand.
 Well you know....  Since then he's signed Richie Ingocnito, Karlos Williams, Ronald Darby, that coach who punched his neighbor's kid in the face, and now the LB who punched his QB in the face.   As a Bills fan, I regret every one of these moves.  
SI puts them at #4--which is crazy--but I'm optimistic.   They were a play away from beating FSU in Tallahassee and riding high into Arizona, but once they lost their shot at the playoff was gone.  I think they just packed it in after that.  But they're bringing back 18 starters and I think Zaire looked terrific in his limited time. 
    Do we even want to ask?  Seriously, though.  I'm not aware of anything like that.  It would be way too clunky.  The advantage to computers and phones are that its much easier to navigate.  Do you want to type http://www.narrowandspecialized.com/  by hitting - right, right, right, down, right, OK - on your remote control for each of those letters? The only thing that comes to mind is WebTV.  At least that's what I thought it was called.  The phrase seems to have taken...
I thought about writing one, long, run-on sentence that described every single shot I took, but decided to leave you with this, instead: Rusty, but exceeding expectations.  
I did this for a while and it seemed to help.  I think it helped me keep the club face more square at impact.  
I really didn't want to be the first to chime in on this...but crickets so far!   The Patriots have done a masterful job of PR on this.  They quickly recognized that their fans will believe anything they have to say, and people who aren't pats fans won't believe anything they're going to say.  So they put out all sorts of nonsense--deflator = weight loss, "our economists say your scientists are wrong about science," "oh, that text message refers to my friend Thom Brady,...
If you're doing it right it isn't slow. You need to believe that and focus on your putt. Forget what others are doing or thinking. It's in your head.The others are probably just thinking about their next or last shot anyway.Also, I would have insisted on playing ready golf. It's silly for one guy to make 3 others play by his rules.
I voted top 10, but the more I think about it the more I think they'd win.  I just have a hard time seeing the group do worse than par on any hole.  They'd never have to play a bad shot, and they'd never 3 putt.  I suppose on a long par 4 they might have to play a nGIR, but the odds of getting up and down are so good that it likely wouldn't hurt them.  Its like the worst they could do would be +2 or 3.   On the other hand, they'll almost always capitalize on a good...
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