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Pressure could certainly be it, as I think David was suggesting.  For me I think its the opposite.  Sometimes things snowball because rather when rather than focusing better after a bad shot I just forget it and play too loose.  Almost like I convince myself that if I stop trying I will do better.     I shot a 107 this past weekend in a tournament at my home course, where I play every week.  I had a three hole stretch that I played at +17. Hit one OB and rather than...
That'll be great marketing for aimpoint.  I'm a bit surprised that either more pros don't use it, or that we don't know that more pros already use it.  I know there are a few, and that some caddies learn it for their players, but with the success I've seen with it myself, I'd think it would be ubiquitous.     On another note, I've not been admitted to the facebook group for some reason.  I tried to join weeks ago.  Just sent a PM to mark, so hopefully that will help....
 I think you nailed it. OP wants to treat this like anyone who doesn't leave work in the middle of the day on a weekly basis is a coward or a slave or something.  Even outside the hobson's choice scenario--work or be fired--that some people may face, those of us with more flexibility may still not be able to fit in leaving work at 2 or 3pm on a regular basis.  For example, there might be things that often come up at 3pm that require their attention.  
From a guy like digest article on Adam Scott's pregame prep at Augusta yesterday... "Also before each putt, in addition to checking his alignment, Scott takes two fingers -- his pointer and middle finger -- and holds them in the air. One finger points at the hole, the other at the break. From there, he sets up and hits each putt. His instructor, brother-in-law Brad Malone, follows him closely offering a couple tips."
I'd prefer the wishes, but I'd take the 100M, too.
I've never seen someone with a tripod other than myself. Once or twice I've seen someone trying to prop up a phone. Once or twice I've seen someone recording a friend's swing. I think it's becoming more popular with apps and higher fps smartphone cameras.
I'm 30 and would love to join a league.  Can't exactly leave in the middle of the work day once a week, unfortunately.  
 try this: http://www.amazon.com/Octopus-Portable-adjustable-Cellphone-Bag-Red/dp/B007NFI656/ref=sr_1_2?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1397156724&sr=1-2&keywords=tripod+for+cell+phone
I picked every time.  Too many times I've worked on something, thought I had it, then filmed it the next day to see that I was completely wrong.     So now the only time I don't film is when I am practicing before or after a round.  Any dedicated range session include a camera. 
 My thoughts exactly.   I will miss the Colbert Report.
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