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Check out the V1 app.  I take video on my phone at 120fps, then import it into the V1 app on my andriod.     On my computer (mac) I use Analyzr, but if you're on a PC there is a V1 program for that, too.    Also, if you want lessons, check out online lessons like Evolvr.  They're cheaper, more convenient, and IMO probably more effective than live lessons most of the time.
We're still at 2 contracted here, 2 cured, right?
any advantages over chromecast?
 Says the guy who has consistently dismissed anyone who says the government does not need to do more as pushing a liberal agenda....
 What are you doing differently?
 My sister is in charge of infectious disease control at a hospital in CA.  Her opinion is the same as boogie's doctor.  She said she has been getting a ton of calls from people convinced they have ebola, including someone who (falsely) claimed to have flown with the nurse from dallas.
That'd be a hoot.
I haven't been paying attention to this story lately.  We're still at 2 people infected in the US since this started in March, right?  And one of them has been given a clean bill of health?
 The QB kneel is similar.  Usually you're not down until you're touched.  Is there a separate rule for QB kneels?  Before the changes with feet first slides?
Another cop out.  What he said:  And that's because   and,     You sort of responded without answering the last one, saying the others haven't been good lately, but Brady hasn't won in 10 years, so it didn't really answer the question.  And that's fine, you're under no obligation to go back and forth with me.  But if you're going to engage, you've got to engage, not just dodge and repeat yourself, occasionally throwing out a new argument but then bailing when its...
New Posts  All Forums: