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My league uses a program from Golfsoftware.com. It does cost money, but I thought I saw something on there to win the software for free.
aaron baddeley    -10 john huh               -10 bud cauley           -10
Entered and thats for the chance to win!
I have had this happen three times this year.
The Scorpions when they released " Rock you like a hurricane" in 1985, I was thirteen.  All I remember of the show is lots of big hair, lots of smoking and drinking going on.
I love my 5 wood, I use it off the tee on most par 4's. It's the club I hit when I know I need to hit a fairway.
i would go with the shoe trees and some polish.
That is the approach I have taken this year and I have played consistently played better because of it.
Like I said I do not condone skipping holes when the course is already backed up, and I would never hit up on people that I knew I could reach. I hate when it happens to be me, so I never intentionally do it. I have done in unitentionally, and have always gone up and apologized as soon as I could.
New Posts  All Forums: