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Sometimes the mind has to be tricked to get the most out of a stretch.   The rope trick:      Lying on my back I can raise a straight leg 45 degrees... too stiff.  When alone I wrap a rope around my ankle and SLOWLY pull my leg to the point of Resistance and a bit more. Done wrong I hit a wall of resistance. Done right I feel a stretch like gently pulling salt water toffee. Once any pain begins (a little pain - NOT A LOT)  I relax and drop my leg......repeat 10...
I have shin splints right now from climbing steep stairs. About the only remedy is ICE, and I dread having to do it to myself. An ice pack wrapped in a towel is not cold enough.   I used to treat football injuries on the bench.  Fill paper cups with water and freeze.  Peel back paper and rub ice on patient.   The flesh needs to go numb and before this occurs every nerve is screaming to stop. When ice and fire feel the same the therapy is working. Ice a bit more after...
  We have too!   Otherwise they will continue putting bananas and watermelons on sticks and calling them "super game improvement".  
As an experiment I had my 56 SW graphite shafted without cutting from the tip to match the 8 iron which the clubfitter said is the right way. I matched to my 50 deg PW which is part of the club set.  (Tilist Ap1's and Cleveland 588's) The feel is more lively in the short game,.... but I have not taken a full swing into a strong headwind to see it it ballons.
The hard part is finding someone locally who can do it Wishons' way....that mystery Guru with all the catalogs and secret knowledge that goes beyond Taylor vs Ping vs Cleveland.
  I graphite shafted my wedges to match my irons, except for the 64 which is the original steel.  I would match the 48 and 52 to your irons...maybe the 56.   Comparing my graphite 60 to steel 64 - there's not a significant difference in feel or playability other then the loft.
Putters are like shoes....you have to try them on to know if they are comfortable.
A local superstore sells the Addams Watson set for $99 and the indiviual clubs for around $65. I would be tempted to go that route if I needed wedges.
Here's how they keep positive feed back selling fakes:  1.  I don't notice clubs  fake - can't play well enough to tell - I'm happy - positive feed back   2. My clubs  fake - contact paypal - paypal says contact seller - seller says, sorry, mistake make, keep clubs for $ XX  price,and make golforsuckers3 good feedback.(they refund the rest and still make a profit at $ XX) - positive feed back.   3. I know  fake and don't care - positive feedback   4....
It's not just another 1/2". What your going to find is the lofts and lies have changed over the past few years. (In the industry overall, not just Adams.)  An old 5 iron is now a 6. An  "A" shaft can measure more in the "L" range. "S" can be in the low "R"......It's a mess!   You can buy good clubs separately and work them into what you have. Your local store can order how many clubs you want. This way you can be fitted, get the shaft and grip you want.  The price...
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