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you forgot one   no good shot shall go unpunished.
i am suddenly finding it impossible to hit my driver. constantly hitting the ground behind the ball or just hitting bad hooks. not sure where i picked up my bad habit but it is there. while playing on saturday one of my playing partners noticed that i am lining up aimed to the right (i am right handed) and said this was causing an over the top swing. i get away with it on my shorter irons but the longer the club the harder it is to get back to square. anybody have some...
for me it wasn't just slowing the swing down but getting a consistent tempo. when i slice it is still a controlled back swing but a jerk and rush down at the ball. smooth transitionand and steady tempo help keep the clubhead speed up and the swing under control.
for me it is any shot from 100 in. if i have the feel and can hit those half swing lobs/chips/ bump and runs then i feel like i can make up for being a little wild off the tee. my putting has averaged about 1.7 strokes a hole this year so for me it is all about giving myself a chance to putt.
taylormade rossa daytona. perfect weight, soft touch, and great feel.
it is true that the "gifted" typically make horrible teachers. they haven't had to take the time to process what all the neat lingo really means. i played soccer for many years and finally decided to get into coaching. i was fortunate enough that a coach i was working with stopped me the first time i started saying "hips square to target" "plant foot aim" and any of the other thousand keys that came to me so naturally. he asked me to explain to him how i got there, where...
go to your local golf store. when i bought mine from golf galaxy i was fitted and that includes use of a lie board. i am 5'11" so standard length worked great for me. you do need to get some lessons. from here it is impossible to see how you hold the club, stance, or the angle you keep the club at.
a club fitting is always a good idea but i would also recommend taking some lessons. you may find that a simple stance and swing correction will solve the problem for you. i have the same clubs and have found them ver easy to hit.
i use golfnow.com and golfhub.com all the time. its not a coupon but a listing of discounted tee times at courses in your area. never had an issue and what is included in the price like cart and range balls is posted in the listing. simple to use and i have got to play some great courses at very reduced prices.
its easy to complain about the courses being built now but in the end companies are building what we ask for. i am from the denver area and when i first started playing years ago all i played was your basic straight up and down munis. when the 90's hit you find that even cities were building more difficult and scenic courses because thats what the people wanted. i have about 10 different courses within a 15 mile circle of my house that offer a wide variety of course...
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