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on the other hand, would adding weight to a normal swing weight add distance?
I had my clubs shortened 1.5" from the butt end, and they feel a lot lighter to swing.  I also had them bent upright 2 degrees (not sure if that's the right combination of adjustments, shortened and upright)... but anyway I was wondering if I would technically lose any distance by shortening them and not fixing the swingweight to where it was before.   The clubs I hit consistently now that I make better contact are...   PW = 125yd 9 iron = 140 yd 8 iron = 155...
my friend has been hitting the ground on most of his drives, and the ball is either getting sliced to the right or pushed straight to the right   I know it could be caused by a number of things, but what would be the most common thing? we are playing in a scramble tomorrow and I don't want to be the only one in the fairway
it just seems my ball flight is straigter with the baseball grip that's why I like it so much. I seem to get a lot more distance with it too. Yesterday I hit a drive on the green which the card said was 285yds.  I've gotten close before but this is the first time it actually got on the green (rolled on).  And all my drives weren't getting the hook ball flight they usally do. Maybe because I installed oversize grips??
just wondering what the most popular grip on tour is...  I've tried all 3 and like the baseball grip the best... does anyone on tour use it?
Has anyone had any performance issues washing their balls with bleach water? I have a bucket full of balls that I've used that I want to bring back to life by soaking them in bleach water for a few hours.
maybe sanding it down like you would a motorcycle frame and getting it powder coated
I would use invisible balls.  They can't say my ball DIDN'T go in the hole.
I don't think there is a certain reason, every course seems to make their own rules.
Quote:   I second that! :)
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