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Really !!!lol
I checked the mail today and found a tee shirt! Thanks GlobalGolf!
Yes, I would like that for free.
A few years ago Ping released a 50th anniversary G10 with a PingEye2 look to it ... A classic iron with new technology.
I like to buy from from an authorized retailer for piece of mind that it's legit.
All G series Pings hit/feel the same to me.
The driver & putter suck, but the irons are pretty good.   It's a good set for the money.   I still use the bag, 3W, and 4h out of my old topflite box set.
  Irons, and yes they are Pings new GI iron. I think they are to be released sometime this month.    
That sounds right. My G10 (xg) heads were made in china and AWT shafts made in USA.      
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