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Good point.  I had done that.   Everything about it seemed a little fishy.  Hence the reason I posted the question on these forums instead of buying from an unknown website.   So far it seems like a good non-purchase
Good info.   Yeah I cant trust a website that looks too god to be true.   However it would be a nice place to get clubs if they were trustworthy.   Anyone with any good news on them?
I'm not sure if this is the correct section of the forum to post this.  Please direct me where to post it if it is in the wrong section.   Anyways I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon this website and their prices seemed too low to be true.  Has anyone ever used this site or heard of it?   I didn't want to get any knock-offs.  Especially as a present for someone else.   Thanks guys!    
To the OP.   I have the same irons as you and a similar handicap.   I use a 51, 54 and 58 for my wedges.   I know it's a weird setup, but it works for me.   My PW is about 130, so each club knocks off about 15 from there.   51 - 115 54 - 100 58 - 85 and in    
I have had a similar problem to you for as long as I can remember.  (Thank you Irish heritage)   Anyways I have been using Coppertone Sensitive Skin Faces.  Its SPF 50 and has not only kept me from burning it washed off well in the shower and doesn't irritate my super-sensitive skin.   I think it's a step above the neutrogena brand.  Neutrogena is a little more oily.   Hope this helps.
Make sure to spend a lot of practice around the green.  Chipping and putting will help your game tremendously.  When you go to the range work on the lower irons (wedges - 8 iron)  if you can get comfortable hitting these irons, you can gradually become more comfortable with a longer and less lofted club.    Enjoy the game!
Just remember that different clubs have different lie angles.  Just beacuse youre 2 degrees flat with titleist, doesnt mean youre 2 degrees flat with callaway or taylor made.  So stick with titleist, or get re-fitted with a few companies.  
Back in a golf match in high school we were playing at a really nice course out on cape cod (to remain nameless).  While waiting on the first tee I was working on my juggling with a wedge (the Tiger Woods bouncing on the Wedge) and as I tried to switch up and hit it between my legs the ball thinned off to the side, right where my partner was taking some practice swings.  He was facing the wrong way and had no idea that I was doing this.  The ball that I thinned flew...
  Yeah we'll skip the normal shots and go straight to Phil backwards shots.After that we'll work on the cut 1 irons out of the sand.  lol      
What are some good golf videos out there?  I am coaching a high school golf team and would like to get a few videos together for the kids to watch on rainy days.    I recently picked up Butch Harmons "Ultimate Golf" and David Leadbetters "Golf Swing".   What else do you guys recommend?
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