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Thanks for the replies guys.  I plan on trying all three sets.  I'll keep you posted when my decision is finalized.
By set them straight do you mean, correctly? or straight with your arm?   If you mean correctly (with your hands in front of the ball) I would say that the best thing to do is hit balls at the range.  Especially your wedges.  Get the feel with them set like that with half swings, and gradually move up.  It's all about your impact zone; if you can hit it comfortably and cleanly with a half swing then you can move up to a full swing.  However it rarely works the other...
The thread title basically says it all.  This is my first thread on here so let me know if I posted this in the wrong section.   Those are the 3 sets of clubs i'm looking at.  I can get the shafts custom for no upcharge, so feel free to give input on those as well.   I am a 6 handicap, and I hit the ball pretty high.  I am looking for a set that allows for maximum workability, but still has a little forgiveness.   What do you guys think?
It seems like the flighted shafts are what you're looking for
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