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Another fun part is when guys see your low wedge coming in hot and they think it's going to bounce off the green and then it checks up suddenly by the hole.  You here a "ooohhhh, AHHHHHH!"
 You are correct, John Schneider's personal car was a replica that was built for him later (and much upgraded mechanically) and sold in 2008 for $450,000.  Bubba's car was Lee1 which was in the original TV show, so it has historical provenance.  It's surprising that an original TV car fully restored sold for so much less than the star's replica, but the amount of mechanical upgrades could account for a portion of the difference. 
To me it's not, and neither is the confederate flag.  But for whatever the reason it is that people find one offensive I would think that same reason would apply to the other.  Why remove part of the confederate symbolism and not the other?  To me, leave the car alone.  If he no longer thinks it represents his values he should sell it.
My favorite shots in golf are low spinning wedge shots.  I do the same thing on 95% of my chip shots just on a much smaller scale.  In windy conditions, applying the same shot through your middle irons is very effective too.  It's a great shot to have in your bag.
He bought the car because of what it is and was.  If he no longer has the same regard for it then why not just sell the car?  He can change the flag on top but that's like putting a bandaid over a skin cancer.  It still bears the name of the confederate general Robert E. Lee. 
This particular car was an original car from the TV show and was previously owned by John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on the show.  Bubba paid $110,000 for it at auction and it was in mint condition when he bought it.  He also had it autographed by Schneider.  The fact that it was one of the actual TV star's person car and was used on the TV show gives it increased collector value and provenance due to the documented history.  And people do occasionally drive collector's...
I'm working on switching back to an old set of clubs (Ram FX Pro Set forged combo irons) from a new set (Callaway Razr X HL irons and hybrids).  The new clubs were left to me by my father-in-law when he passed and I really liked them at first.  I got to the point I was nuking the new irons ridiculous distances and was needing to add several more wedges to gap shots inside of 130 yards.  I also developed a pronounced hook from the offset.  Switched back to my old set of...
Anyone hitting a ball into you is obviously donating it to you so you should just pick it up and put it in your pocket.  Keep doing that and they'll get tired of losing golf balls.  If they want it back, tee it up and send it back to them with a golf club.   In all seriousness, I simply call the clubhouse.  If I'm on a course I'm not familiar with, the clubhouse phone number is usually on the score card.  I've done that before and within a few minutes seen someone ride...
Seven Springs Golf Club, Trinity FL   Black Tees, 6431 yards, rating 71.8, slope 127   I shot a +3, 75 today.    +3 on the front (3 bogies) and - on the back (2 bogies, 2 birdies)
Even par 72.  Finished birdie, eagle (and lipped out for an eagle on the front nine for a tap in bird).  It's a 6400 yard course with a rating of 69, but the greens are tiny.
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