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Thanks.  I get a ton of beeps, waves, thumbs up, peace signs, and pictures when I drive either Herbie or my Hippy Bug.  They're fun conversation pieces and I've met a ton of cool people with them.  Lots of fun!!!  And a golf bag will gin perfectly across the back seat.
 Thanks.  My Dad was the 2nd owner of the Herbie (it's a 1963 Sunroof Bug) and he bought it in 1966.  My parents brought me home from the hospital in that car when I was born in 1968.  It was our family car growing up.  The restoration is 13 years old and I've poured almost 20 times what my Dad paid for it in the car.  It is spotless underneath, inside, in the engine area, in the trunk.  My Dad says it is better than new.  Except for the custom VW wheels and the decals,...
This is my other Volkswagen
I shot a +4, 76.  Course is 6500 yards rated 71.3 and slope 124.  I was very inconsistent.  One minute hitting great, next minute terrible.  Driver was more good than bad, irons were about 50/50, chips more good than bad, and putter about 50/50.  Only 1 birdie today, a 520 yard par 5 I was on in 2 and 2 putted.
I've played a handful of Dye courses in various parts of the US (several of them numerous times) and the only consistent theme for me is I've never had fun playing any of them. The absolute most fun I've ever had playing golf has consistently been at The Homestead, The Old Course, in Hot Springs Virginia.  I've played all three courses there many times (The Upper Cascades - Championship Course, The Lower Cascades, and The Old Course) and The Old Course has always...
I played Southern Hills Plantation in Brooksville, FL yesterday and I didn't enjoy the course at all.  Ridiculous mounding, bunkers, and drop offs everywhere.  He ignored the natural lay of the land and manufactured a very unnatural layout.  I won't be going back.  No fun at all.
Played Southern Hills Plantation, a Pete Dye Course, yesterday for the first time.  Played Gold tees 6962 yards rated 74.1 slope 134 and shot a +6, 78.  It was a tough track, especially in strong wind.
It was my Father-in-law for the last 20 years, until he passed away a year and a half ago.  I always played my best when I played with him.  We traveled all over the US playing golf together.  He was like a father, brother, and best buddy all rolled into one.  And when I was playing golf with him I could never get in trouble with his daughter for playing golf.  I miss him a ton.  I always texted him to tell him about new courses I played, rounds I had, or shots I had.
Dumped my RBZ Driver and went back to my old, cheap Driver.  Hitting it much further and much straighter.  Working on keeping my weight inside my back knee and transferring my weight onto my left side.  A drill that has helped with this is hitting irons with my back heel lifted off the ground.  Not sure why this drill works, but it does.   Also working on putting and rolling the ball.  Putter in fingers, exaggerate feeling of left shoulder high (r hander), pendulum of...
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