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He's toast....skulling a 5 yard chips 20 yards over the green...repeatedly...
In my mid and late 20s I was walking 36 every Saturday and 36 Every Sunday (on a short 9 hole course that was very hilly).  Now in my late 40s...forgetaboutit.  3 rounds in a week would be about it for me now...and that's if I could spread it out and not play them back to back.
Apparently rampant promiscuity is directly related to being able to activate your glutes at a moments notice.  Time to head back to the Waffle House.
If he can't get his Glutes activated, this project will fizzle out.
The next time my wife tells me to get off my @$$ and do something around the house, I'm telling her my glutes deactivated and I just can't get them to activate again.  I've tried as best I could but they just won't stay activated.   My guess is that load of crap won't fly with her any more than it is flying with everyone else with regard to Tiger.  It's pretty lame.   Maybe he needs to hire Jennifer Lopez as a golf coach...she has NO problem activating her glutes at...
I think there's some truth to his waning burning drive and passion for the game.   I'm 46 and from the first time I hit a golf ball at 20 I was hooked...heck, totally addicted!!!  It was an obsession, the central focus of an OCD driven mania.  I ate, drank, slept, talked, studied, practiced, and played every chance I got.  If I couldn't play, I had a golf club in my hand.  I had a practice green in my house and hit 100 5-footers a night to a 2 ball wide hole before bed....
He looks like he's trying to chip with a football bat.   As much as I really do not personally care for el tigre, even I hate to bear witness to such an embarrassing spectacle.  It reminds me of the Tin Cup movie when Roy gets the S-words and starts trying all those infomercial gimmicks.    Perhaps he's experiencing paralysis from analysis.  Whatever it is, it's ugly. 
Play 18 holes of practice every other day with nothing but your wedges and putter.  The other days play with the whole set.  If that doesn't work...beer.
Let your caddy hit one!!!
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