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I just got home from my best round EVER.  I always thought I had potential to be a pretty good golfer and i was never able to put  a whole round together, and finally today all my practice clicked.  I shot an 81.  I shot 3 over on the front, 6 over on the back on a par 72.  I'm a bit upset because i had a triple on the back (ball on the left side of a bunker, and i'm a lefty so i had an awkward stance and completely duffed it, then left the next shot well short from...
Theres engineers that work for the companies too.  I'm hoping I can get into the industry that way :P  
The guy who wrote that article seems like a jealous ass.  I guarantee that in that guys 19 years of playing golf, he wouldn't have come close to 10000 hours of playing, and if he's practicing properly, he will have seen most of the typical scenarios you might find yourself in on the golf course.  Part of the mental aspect of the game is knowing you've practiced and can pull of that shot, which a lot of weekend players don't have because they don't practice nearly enough. ...
As other people have already mentioned, there was still a chance he would be playing.  The game wasn't over.  If you ever watch a sport when they do interviews during the game (like hockey interviews during intermission) you might as well just have a tape recorder with a cutout of the player, because they have the same cookie-cutter answers every time.  This is expected, they are fully focused on playing, not giving a stupid 90 second interview.  I'm sure all of these...
What are you talking about, how could the ball possibly be moving sideways.  The ball will be sitting still regardless.  Just make sure the tee isn't split down the middle so the ball falls off and it won't make a difference.  If your solution was using a new tee it was all in your head.
M (47) Rory (152)                
I'm going out for my first round this season too after a long winter (still snowing a little bit last week).  Wish me luck!! I'm aiming for par  
we should just move for the winter haha.  It's not like i skate outside or play in the snow any more.  Just makes work for me since i have to shovel haha.
Unreal.  It snowed AGAIN yesterday.  In April ahah.  At least it was warm enough today that nothing is left on the ground.  But it's supposed to rain for like a week straight.  Golf season is taking too long to get here.  
Hey,  I'm just wondering if this site is legit.  I'm assuming it is since it's a sponsor but I just want to make sure.  
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